Wonderfruit is carbon neutral, here’s how

19 March 2018 | Wonderfruit

We say in our ethos that we encourage, develop and innovate creative solutions for sustainable living. A central part of living sustainably is offsetting our carbon emissions.

Being carbon neutral means that the greenhouse gas emissions that we produce over the course of our event are reduced to net zero. We do it by first making as many internal reductions as possible, so our total emissions are as low as possible (and that’s verified by a third party assessor – so we can’t cheat), and then by buying carbon credits to offset whatever remains. In Wonderfruit’s case the assessor is Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization or TGO, whose mission is to “garner effective management of Greenhouse Gas emissions to support economy, environmental conservation and The Economy Environment and society.”

TGO crunched the numbers for Wonderfruit 2017 and helped us find a program to offset our remaining emissions and now we have the certificate to prove it:


Stay tuned for more sustainable living solutions; this is just the beginning.