Wonderfruit Friday Highlights

5 December 2023 | Wonderfruit

We’re sharing our ideas for a Friday full of wonder, but first, did you know that Solar Village was originally designed as a children’s climbing structure? Bring your little Wonderers to Solar Village at any time of day to climb and play while the parents (that’s you) rest in the shade.


What else can kids do? Well, everything! Kids are welcome everywhere at Wonderfruit to discover new adventures; but we recommend a stroll over to visit The Farm, where they can meet Maggie, inspect the insect hotel and learn about composting.


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08:00: Sun salutations at Wonderness

Whether you’re the first one in the gate or waking up in Boutique Camping, what better way to start the day than with a yoga class?


Join Rosemary Vandenbroucke for a Just Wonderflow class when the gates open, followed by Gentle Wonder Flow by Selin Sila.


09:00: Brunch at Theatre of Feasts


Start your day with brunch and a bloody mary or a mocktail. This year, we’re debuting a laid-back brunch that prioritizes culinary fun where you can cozy up with new friends or grab some breakfast to go. Serving hearty morning selections, fresh seafood dishes, BBQ plates, sweet treats and cool cocktails alongside beats by a DJ, visit The Brunch Lab from
 9am – 2:30pm from Friday to Sunday at Theatre of Feasts.


10:00: Explore nature’s dyes at Indigo World


Celebrate colors drawn from the land in an immersive public indigo dyeing experience with Philip Huang. Get your hands dirty—or blue.

Beginning at 10:00 am daily, Wonderers of all ages are invited to take part in keeping vats of vibrant blue dye alive over the course of four days at Indigo World.



10:30: Feel the energy at Wonderness

Try something new in The Fields and
learn how to (vibrationally) interact with nature and work with the elements of water, fire and wood for healing on a physical and psychological level in a workshop called Water Fire Wood: Akashic Energy Work with the Planet by Svarupa Metta.


13:00: Sound vibrations to connect at Wonderness


Experience healing, liberation and connection through intentional group singing and Om chanting in a free workshop called
OM Choir: Healing, Liberation & Connection Through Vocal Alchemy at Wonderness.


15:00: Settle down for a Picante picnic in the Ancestral Forest 

Soho House will be in The Fields serving their signature Picantes in the
intimate and natural space next to Forest Stage. Soho House members are encouraged to get there early, as the first 100 Picantes are free of charge.


15:00: Tea and painting at Wonder OK


Back by popular demand: head to Wonder OK for an original Indian Chai Masala tea with Thai-Indian artist Navin Rawanchaikul and while you’re there, leave your mark on Wonderfruit 2023 via a wall painting that decorates Wonder OK’s famous commune bus.


15:30: Take it easy at Theatre Pavilion



Head to the grassy slopes by the lake for a performance by Jason Dhakal, whose performance comes wrapped in elegant production and smooth synths. Jason’s unique sound offers an impressive array, full of sultry passion rooted in fearlessly speaking, writing and living his own truth.


16:00: An Art Walk through The Fields


The sun is starting its descent, and it’s cooling down in The Fields, the perfect time for an art walk. 

New installations this year include Theater of Images by Hiraki Sawa near The Quarry, The Grower by Dusadee Huntrakul close to Open Kitchen and Under the Tree Tango by ADRUNNOGNT by Creature Stage.

We recommend mapping out the new art in The Fields on the map and visiting them all throughout your time in The Fields.


16:00 A nature-inspire reprieve at Polygon Live



See a different side to Polygon Live every day when it comes alive with carefully curated animal and wildlife sounds chosen for their potential to trigger ancient memories, emotions and sensations.


Best enjoyed lying down if you want to bring something to lie on, Earth Echo transports your senses into wild nature using the power of sound and scent. 


This is a wonderful family experience as kids wind down their energy before dinner.


16:30 Relax with a sound bath at Wonderness



Immerse in the soothing vibrations of a Chakra Alignment Sound Bath, designed to balance and align the body’s energy centers, known as chakras.


16:30 Take in a drag show and more at Forbidden Fruit


Let’s turn up the volume. The fire starts to roar at Forbidden Fruit at 4:30pm when Michael Cignarale takes the stage. Co-founder of MEDUSA in Shanghai, the entire evening has been curated to the tune of drag shows alongside Vietnam’s SNUG collective. Dance, prance, and romance all night long. 


17:00: Exploring the deeper meaning of ‘Mandala’ at Dhyana



Participants are invited to collectively contribute towards creating a large floor mandala situated on the eastern gate of the Dhyana space in a workshop called Symbiosis.


17:00: Get your Aperol Spritzes at Solar Village

Head to Solar Village at 5pm and find Michele Montauti, beverage Manager of Waldorf, slinging drinks at the Spritz Mobile with Aperol, just in time for dusk. 


17:30: Enjoy a family feast under the sky at Indigo World 



Enjoy a twilight picnic under the stars together at Indigo World prepared by Afghani refugees who fled their homeland. Their recipes are one of the few possessions they brought with them, memories of home through taste. Do We Dream Under The Same Sky is one of the final culinary Journeys with seats remaining; book while you still can.  


17:30: A taste of tequila at Piña Bar


Patron is in The Fields mixing up specialty cocktails for sunset. Head to Polygon Live and find the Piña Bar for a whole experience built around sundowners in The Fields. You’ll be just steps away from the Solar Village spectacle that comes alive daily at dusk. 


19:00: Find a keepsake and dinner at Taste of Wonder



Explore another food village on your second day in The Fields. Head to Taste of Wonder and discover two villages with a diverse array of food vendors, and while you’re there, shop a little.


Taste of Wonder has dozens of vendors selling wearables and more, and repeat Wonderers will tell you that this is a hidden dance party zone too. 


19:00: Settle in for a unique performance at The Unconditional Space

The Heckler is a completely bald and benign figure dressed in a hairy floor-length robe who will guide Wonderers into a state of concentrated attention and euphoric bliss through a musical performance that uses a range of acoustic instruments, including a bespoke-tuned Gaelic harp and homemade tuning forks. 


19:00: Keep it cool at Ziggurat by Singha


Feeling a little hot? Head to Ziggurat by Singha for a beer slushie and stay for a cocktail-making workshop that teaches Wonderers how to get creative with a can of Singha Lemon Soda. You’ll also find live music and food all night long. 


20:00: Acoustic chanting with a Japanese Zen monk at Dhyana


Join a contemplative workshop deciphering the depth and vastness of meaning behind Kanho Yakushiji’s zen musical chanting. The Japanese musician and composer has a notable presence in the domain of Buddhist music and welcomes Wonderers to experience and participate in his creative blend of traditional Zen music in a workshop called Echo of Emptiness: a Contemplation.


20:30: Slow it down at Enfold presented with Vespa



A new venue in a new village dedicated to slowing down to the tune of ambient music.


What’s especially interesting about tonight’s programme is a handful of your favorite DJs who are doing slower, second sets, an opportunity they don’t usually get.


Continuing until sunrise, get lost in blissed-out beats by Christopher Willits, Montonn Jira, Acid Pauli, Nicola Cruz, Viken Arman and Jaree. 


20:30: Experimental sounds at Creature Stage


As you head back to the middle fields, don’t miss ((( O ))) at Creature Stage. The Filipino-American singer and songwriter performs at Wonderfruit for the very first time, where she will debut her low-slung, experimental and soul-nourishing sounds.  


21:00: Karaoke in a tree at Cheese Shack


Turn up the volume at Cheese Shack, a guilt-free karaoke den hidden in a tree where you can take control of the mic and reveal your inner diva. By the way, this venue doubles as a bar serving three different types of sake  as well as other field favorites. 


01:00 Visit Moonlight Lounge for a moonlight show


A moon appears as if it’s beautifully crash-landed in The Fields. This year, catch a light show where a kaleidoscope of lights reflects off the empty SangSom bottles that decorate the structure and the moon itself. 


00:00: Immerse in ambient sounds at Dhyana 


If you hear ambient soundscape emanating from the Dhyana mandala, this is a ritual called Four Karmas, which looks to draw Wonderers in to experience a ceremony when they least expect it.


In this live set, Shanghai and Kathmandu-based artist Tadi Yan will create a live mixed set evoking the energy of all four karmas, interweaving mantras and ceremonies recorded from great spiritual masters with recorded soundscapes and original beats. 


03:00: Submerge into sound at The Quarry 


The Quarry presents DJ Nobu. His Friday night spot is padded by Monophonik, Van Anh and Quarry resident Elaheh for a full evening of heady beats. 


Don’t let this list be your guiding light; rather, let it be your springboard—there’s so much more to discover.


Download the official Wonder App for the full schedule and plan your Wonderfruit your way.