Wonderfruit Saturday Highlights

6 December 2023 | Wonderfruit

It is day three in The Fields, which is also historically the biggest day in The Fields. There is so much on that that we’re certain this is the Saturday of our Wonderfruit dreams. Won’t you join us?


We’re also welcoming Weekend Pass holders for day one of their Wonderfruit experience, and with the jump in attendance in The Fields comes a jump in energy too. We want to remind everyone to slow down, pace themselves and look out for one another. Stay nourished and stay hydrated (while refillable water is free, you can also buy a Greenery can from the bar and see the incredible design by one of our Wonderers). We’re all here for a good time, but health and safety come before everything, so also join us in being mindful this Saturday at Wonderfruit. 


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07:00: Get your hands blue at Indigo World



Head to Indigo World for a sunrise dyeing experience, just like the indigo grandmas do (the women who care for vats of color-inducing microorganisms) in the soft, gentle rays of the sun.


08:00: Start your morning with a dance at Wonderness



Rise and shine; harmonize your inner yin and yang with a Sircle yoga dance. Sricle is an innovative technique of movement that explores, develops and integrates the body, mind and spirit, and draws from the principles of yogic philosophy, meditation and movement science.


This collective movement class energizes, stretches, and gives freedom to our bodies and minds—and it is a perfect way to start your day in The Fields. 


12:00: Get your hair done at Sensory Space



We know it can be hard to get your hair just right when you’re on the move and in nature; why not get the team from Central Retail to freshen your look? CRC brings professional stylists from Dyson who can help you elevate your hairstyle.


While you’re there, customize your signature scent with the L:A BRUKET in a workshop—because it’s important to still smell good when you get, you know, hot. 


13:00 Explore the Ancestral Forest using your senses 



The Ancestral Forest was designed to immerse Wonderers in a multi-sensory journey through the sounds, smells and sights of the natural world. Our herbalists will accompany you on a walk that will be a new experience for your senses, where you’ll get to know the ecosystem: soil, wild and water.


14:00: Swing by Open Kitchen for lunch



Last year, Open Kitchen debuted to the delight of Wonderers. Not only did it become a centerpiece in The Fields, but it offered affordable and cultural Thai-style dining prepared by mothers, aunts and grandmothers who brought their age-old recipes to The Fields. Swing by for a snack, stay for a chat and enjoy a bird’s eye view of The Fields. 


15:00: Make a phin at Molam Village



Head to Molam Village and immerse in phin culture and phin-making with the Kammao and Phinprainn family. The Molam legend himself leads this comprehensive workshop, and you will learn how to make the traditional Thai instrument, the different types of phin and the stories behind Kammao’s experiences. 

15:30: Settle in for a talk on architecture at Unconditional Space


In a lecture called Design in the Mind, Ab Rogers explores how design can trigger the mind to best engage with the architecture of co-living. We ask how architecture can best respond to the reflective singular, the engaged collective, the sleeping cohort, the sensorial experience and how it can create joy.


16.30: Heal through sound at Wonderness



Try something new: immerse in a transformative crystal bowl sound journey and bask in the soothing vibrations of this unique wellness experience. All you need to do is lie back and discover the power of sound therapy in a humble and serene setting. It’s the break you didn’t know you needed…


17:00 An oracle reading at Unconditional Space


Island Apothecary is an Oracle Reading during which Lotta Petronella will ask for the moths, herbs, islands and night to guide you on your journey. This personalized ritual will encourage you to keep dreaming using a small apothecary with essences, ashes, hydrosols and tinctures. 


17:00: Learn what wine and indigo have in common at Indigo World


In collaboration with Wine Garage, Indigo World hosts a natural wine-tasting workshop that focuses on terroir, fermentation and its parallel to the making of indigo paste and dye in Sakon Nakhon. This tasting will lead to the indigo feeding ritual and is the perfect experience for white lovers with a penchant for grape-infused experiences. 


17:30: Make something sweet at Open Kitchen



We love to eat them, but can we make them? Leave The Fields with a new skill as you learn how to make Thai desserts in a workshop with Pa Chan at Open Kitchen, which is the place to be as the sun starts to dip below the horizon. 


17:30 Enjoy a deep meditation at Wonderness


Unwind under the masterful sounds of Planetary Gongs, containing the universe’s resonance. Galactic waves induce deep relaxation and stimulate cell rejuvenation and nervous system healing—exactly what you need on day three of Wonderfruit. While at first intense, the experience takes you into a profound meditative state to help you transition from day to night.


18:00: Sunset with an ambient music pioneer Theatre Pavilion


Have a seat in the grass for a spellbinding spiritual and improvisational performance by ambient music pioneer Laraaji. The New York-based musician, mystic and laughter meditation is revered for improvising experimental jams on a modified autoharp processed through various electronic effects.


18:00: A mesmerizing show around a theremin at Solar Village


Mezerg merges electronics with acoustics to create an impressive and unique live performance. Somewhere between house music and an acoustic performance, this nightlife one-man band pays homage to the jazz bars and the nightclubs of this world with a whirlwind of energy and irresistible sounds.


19:00: See a stop-motion animation at Unconditional Space


Stinkhorn by Siôn Parkinson is an animated short inspired by the lifecycle of a phallic mushroom that mimics the smell of decaying flesh and dung, which it uses to attract flies to help disperse its spores.


19:00: Head to Taste of Wonder for dinner and dance


Located in between two food villages, Taste of Wonder is your destination for a bite to eat in a buzzy village thanks to all the vendors that come together to sell wearables and more. Do a little shopping, do a little eating and do a little dancing—because we all know Taste of Wonder turns into a secret dance party, right?


20:00: Find culture at Molam Village


Culture awaits this evening at Molam Village. Start with Zound to Zion followed by Rattanakosin Breakin Crew and Molam Soontarapirom Band and journey through eras and cultures with a psychedelic twist.


20:00: Invoke your awakened divinity at Dhyana


Come and experience the flow of your natural body through mudras, movements, postures, and meditation—it is not just an external but a personal exploration. In this workshop, Dance of the Mahasiddhas, the Charya dance teacher Punya Sagara teaches the basics of Charya mudras and steps, an ancient sacred Nepali temple dance.


20:30: Music for plants at Ancestral Forest


Bottlesmoker creates music for plants. The Indonesian band has developed a unique process where they use plants as instruments, allowing the natural responses of the plants to generate melodies and harmonies. Listen to this unique blend of electronic, traditional and organic elements at Forest Stage on Saturday night.


21:15: Electronic meets Molam at Creature Stage


A field favorite from last year, Tontrakul is a mesmerizing instrumental band that plays a combination of Isaan (the Northeastern region of Thailand) folk with electronic music that is a combination of genres like electronica, worldbeat, nu-jazz, Isaan folk and Molam (หมอลำ).


22:00: Sip and savor the flavors of Thailand at Open Kitchen 


Stocked with a sultry selection of handcrafted spirits infused with native herbs, the beverage menu at the bar inside Open Kitchen celebrates Thailand’s vibrant heritage with every concoction.


23:00 Celebrate revolution at The Wanted Bar with Se Busca


The smokey and rich flavours of Mezcal arrive at Wonderfruit this year. Visit The Wanted Bar with Se Busca to indulge in the essence of Mexican culture and diversity with a touch of Thai folk in the heart of The Fields.


22:45: Hear a gentle vocalization of scriptures at Creature Stage



Saturday night is typically the busiest night in The Fields, and it feels fitting to have the 16th Vice Abbot of Japan’s Kaizen Temple, a popular Japanese Zen Monk Kanho Yakushiji, take the stage. The artist has gone viral for combining beats and Buddhist chanting to create a unique musical experience, which he’ll bring to Creature Stage. Through music and Buddhism, Kanho Yakushiji touches the most tender corners of the human heart, releasing long-buried emotions—an experience we hope to walk away from his performance with. 


03:00 Experience the essence of Japan at Catch 428


Cosmic drama’ sums up Wata Igarashi’s sound, conveying the unique combination of power and psychedelia that defines his work. The artist is one of the leading figures of Japanese techno, emerging from the country’s deep relationship with electronic music, which is the defining element of Catch 428. 


06:00 Something different for sunrise—Neramit 


Our always-open creative hub welcomes Powder to The Fields. Her artistry lies in crafting authentic dance tracks that strike a balance between innovation and tradition. The Japanese artists’ musical journey explores sound, encapsulating the ineffable joy of music as an unbreakable bond between creator and audience—exactly what we look for from an artist at Neramit.


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