Wonderfruit Sunday Highlights

7 December 2023 | Wonderfruit

Our time together in The Fields is drawing to a close. Make the most of the days you have left at Wonderfruit 2023 by throwing yourself into Sunday—and don’t forget that Monday is the new Sunday and there is more to do on our final day than ever before. Dedicated Wonderers will tell you that it’s the most special day…


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08:30 Let your inner animal out at Wonderness


Energize for the day by unleashing your inner lion in a dynamic workshop exploring Animal Flow, a fitness practice inspired by yoga, gymnastics and animal movements. You’ll get to enhance mobility, strength, and overall well-being through ground-based exercises that mimic the fluid actions of various creatures. The best thing about Wonderfruit is that it’s perfectly acceptable to growl and howl…

10:00 Learn how to skateboard at SOT


Red Bull, the Thai Extreme Sports Federation and local graffiti artists are coming together for an exciting new feature at Wonderfruit this year: Ollie’s Ramp.


Located within SOT, Ollie’s Ramp will be at the center of the action. Skateboarders will perform and run clinics and talks for anyone interested in learning. Or you can just err on the side of caution and watch all the action while eating and imbibing from one of the many titillating vendors at SOT.

14:00: Lay on a sun lounger by the lake near Jungle House


How does a lazy Sunday afternoon on the beach sound to you? As an extension of Jungle House, every day at 2pm, sun loungers will line the beach of our lake. There will also be a lakeside bar serving light drinks and music from Jungle House. 

15:00: Get a rejuvenating IV drip

For Wonderers seeking a place to recharge and uplift their spirits, the Cloud Lounge offers a space to relax on plush Lotus Mattresses. While there, you can also boost your energy with a special selection of Dermaster’s IVs which are designed to nourish and reinvigorate.

15:30 Catch a talk by RA at Neramit


RA writer Nyshka Chandran turns our always-open culture hub into a space for community dialogue in a talk called Respecting Southeast Asian Music, perfect for music enthusiasts looking for an insight into dance music in Southeast Asia. 


16:00: Learn how to blend local Thai spirits at Open Kitchen


If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to be more playful and creative with Thai spirits, this one-hour session called Local Thai Spirits Blending with Onson will teach you just that, so you can blend and savor the flavors of Thailand’s rich spirit heritage. You’ll also get to take home a special ‘Thai handcrafted spirit’ you’ve crafted yourself in this tasting adventure.

16:30: Explore the wonder of mycelium in a talk at The Unconditional Space


Mycelium is revolutionizing contemporary design. Learn more about its power in a talk on three architectural installations that explore mycelium eco-manufacturing at different scales: of the community kitchen, exhibition and domestic scale. Across all, opportunities for architects and designers to drive generative justice is explored.



16:30: A Patron and chocolate-tasting experience


The name says it all. This tequila tasting explores the four expressions of Patron and is paired with single-origin Kad Kokoa Thai chocolate and culminates with an unadulterated sip of El Cielo. This Patron and Chocolate Tasting Experience has limited seating and we recommend booking while you can. 

17:00 Take part in the last dip ceremony at Indigo World



The last communal dip into the indigo vats will bring an end to Indigo World at Wonderfruit 2023, and everyone looking to dye is welcome. After the last dip, the finale and last indigo feed will occur, so stick around.

17:30: Catch this year’s Intermission acts at Neramit


Intermission is an annual program that serves as a launching pad for the next generation of sonic creators and is open to unsigned emerging talent and local artists based in Thailand. This year’s winners are Joinjoy, an experimental synthchedelic band from Chiang Mai, Rainytoast, a soul-inspired band that tells the truth about life through their stories, and La Nuit, a cosmic ensemble that weaves an expansive canvas of space rock with hints of shoe gaze.

Support local talent and add these incredible young artists to your schedule.

18:00 A butterfly-inspired tarot reading at The Unconditional Space


Sittings with Plants & Collective Moth Reading is a ritual led by Lotta Petronella who will perform a collective tarot reading using two hand-painted tarot decks: a collection of butterflies and a collection of moths native to two different Finnish islands. The reading is intended to remove us all from a state of default carelessness to conscious care.

18:00 Unwind to soundscape at Dhyana



Wonderers are invited to step into the enchanting world of sound waves, where every healing instrument unveils its unique vibration pattern. Fit for the final full day of the Wonderfruit, indulge in relaxation and self-connection in a workshop called Soundscapes Unveiled that explores the profound healing power of sound.

19:00 Try moo krata for dinner at Molam Village



As local as it gets. Moo krata, which literally translates to skillet pork, is kind of like a cross between BBQ and hot pot. Its eating culture is associated with friendship, fun, sharing and the sense of getting together—which is a perfect way to spend dinner on a Sunday evening in The Fields.

21:30 Take in some explorative chamber pop at Creature Stage


We can’t think of a performance better suited for a Sunday night. Catch Patrick Watson’s lush debut, whose music blends cabaret pop and classical music influences for a performance that’s all together emotionally charged.

22:45 Enjoy an unplugged rendition of Molam


While you can catch many Molam performances across the weekend at Molam Village, the Paradise Bangkok ‘National’ Molam Band is performing a one-off show that will be a stripped-back affair and acoustic only as the group revisits the music’s roots and reworking some of their well-known repertoire for this special performance.

03:30 A closing set at Polygon Live


We hope you haven’t left yet; there’s still so much exciting programming to come—including a special closing set by Acid Pauli b2b Viken Arman, who together put a wrap on this year’s Polygon Live experience. This is the stuff that Soundcloud dreams are made of…

05:00 A special sunrise experience at Solar Village


Each year, Monday mornings get a little more special. We’ve invited back Nightmares on Wax to soundtrack this year’s experience with a three-hour sunrise set guaranteed to evoke vibes in all kinds of Wonderers.


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