Your Friday Highlights

16 December 2022 | Wonderfruit

Yesterday we opened the gates for the first time in three years and warmed The Fields up. Today we’re ready to turn up the volume on the weekend with Friday-style festivities.


If you don’t yet have a ticket, just head to the Box Office when you get here for a Full Pass, Weekend Pass, or Sunday Pass.


Once you’re back inside The Fields, we’ve got some ideas for your Friday:


If you were here yesterday—how are you feeling? Start Friday right, go straight to the vitamin genies at IV LYFE and replenish what was depleted.


Hungry? Try something new and head to Meatly! for plant-based variations on classic festival fare like “katsu cheese” and “crispy pork”.


Our land means so much to us, help keep The Fields clean with a trash walk starting at 4pm at Solar Stage.


Head to Neramit for a film screening called Big Ears Listen With Little Feet at 15:30. Stay put for a collaborative live performance that interplays Yumiko Morioka’s 1987 album in collaboration with MSCTY Studio’s Nick Luscombe + James Greer while Yumiko’s daughter Lana will also play the violin and lead a green tea ceremony.


Little Wonderers, head to Camp Wonder and make Forest Wishes with SUGi. Or give your artist-to-be a chance to get creative in an interactive mural by Mumbot.


Don’t miss Craig Richards (anything special) set at 11pm. When the clock strikes midnight, Kai Campos of Mount Kimble takes to the stage followed by a special trippy set by Nick The Record


Get your evening started at The Circle sipping whiskey and playing lawn games. Stick around for a performance by Jay Pei x HINANO.


Get your hands dirty—or blue—with an experimental indigo-dying workshop led by Philip Huang where Wonderers will take part in keeping vats of vibrant blue dye alive over the course of four days at Indigo World.


Try to attend at least one Scratch Talk. We think you might like to learn how to build things well in a talk by the builders, designers and architects closest to Wonderfruit: Ab Rogers, Gunn, Boonserm and Gregg Fleishman.


Terpenes are the plant magic responsible for their flavors, aromas and colors, and deliver a mood-lifting effect thanks to their olfactory prowess. Head to Patom Organic Living to titillate the five senses through terpene-inspired experiences at their organic bar and workshop space. 


Join a pair of workshops led by vintners close to Wine Garage as they play, profile and taste organic wines in The Fields. Meet Johannes Zillinger from the Weinviertel region of Austria, who will dazzle Wonderers with his Numen range of wines, characterized for being fermented intercellular in clay amphora. Australians Alicia Basa and Mark Warner make low-intervention wines and invite Wonderers to taste five of their most fun and frivolous wines. Happening on Friday and Saturday respectively, find the schedule on the Wonder App. Seats for both are limited.


Look out over an ambient lake while Wild Sirenda leads you through a Cacao Ceremony while the sun sets behind you.


For those who need a little more balance or simply can’t skip a gym day, Technogym is bringing fitness to The Fields and offering two HIIT-style classes daily on Friday and Saturday.


Wonderness, oh Wonderness—where to do we begin. One of the biggest and most diverse programming efforts happens within the sacred space of our wellness village. On Friday, allow yourself to play as you explore your sexuality in a workshop called From Sin to Sexual Awakening. Don’t leave without washing away the negativity and stress from your mind and soul with a Galactic Gong Bath by Lotus Wellness.


How about a happy hour where you get your face painted? Tinder is gifting the experience daily between 4pm–5pm at WibWabWub inside Taste of Wonder to give Wonderers a place to hang out, meet new people and, most importantly, spark new connections.


Indian hip hop mainstay Prabh Deep debuts at SOT. Alongside him, Onra (Live) and Sonny Amerie also play.


Our beloved Solar Stage finally opens at sunset with a performance by Tom oF England and Dorian Concept alongside the sunset ceremonies. While you’re there, look out for something special falling from the sky. Sunrise on Saturday morning is led by Wicked Sound System founder Garth


Make your way (way) down to The Quarry for the first night of Collisions a curation of world-class DJs by Craig Richards. This year, we’re doing things differently. The DJs will see you, but you won’t see them. It’s about the music, not who’s delivering it. Tonight, you’ll find Krit Morton, Dresden (Ivan Smagghe & Manfredas) and Ben UFO closing the night out. 


Over at the Molam Bus, Molam legend Angkanang Kunchai croons alongside upcountry tunes.


Not-to-miss performances at Creature start with Jaubi, a blistering Pakistani instrumental quartet, followed by Hatari, an Icelandic techno and punk rock performance art group that loves to provoke.