Your Friday Highlights

13 December 2019 | Wonderfruit

The end of the week has finally arrived, and we are ready to rush things up a notch (or twelve). Thanks to a crowd of eager Wonderers ready to explore all Thursday long, The Fields are now all warmed up and ready to embrace you all on Friday.


Before you get to Wonderfruit, don’t forget to pre-register your ticket to save time at the gate. If you don’t yet have a ticket, just head to the Box Office when you get here for a Full Pass, Weekend Pass, or Sunday Pass.


Once you’re back inside The Fields, you’ll be looking for some spiritual and physical guidance through the world of wonder that awaits. We’ve got some ideas for your Friday:


If you were here yesterday—how are you feeling? Start Friday right, go straight to the vitamin genies at IV LYFE and replenish what was depleted from the inside out.


Make your leisurely way to the shady, breezy Neramit for the Neramit Brunch Club with Hillpop and Casa Lapin. Sparkling cold brew coffee, cocktails, and day-long comfort food are just what your mid-afternoon needs.


Thailand Smart Farmers have a functioning vegetable patch in The Fields, surrounded by Thai food vendors drawing their deliciousness straight from the land. It’s worth a visit for street-style eats and that country air we kinda like.


You’ve had your fill, so let’s explore.


What’s on


Visit Camp Edible for a fermentation workshop with new friends. Blackitch Artisan Kitchen’s chef Black leads a hands-on session for all things fizzy, tangy, and probiotic from 13:00.


Be inspired by a Scratch Talk from Divyanshu Ganatra—the Blind Adventurer—at Eco Pavilion at 16:00.


Feel connected to the weekend with an opening ceremony starring rhythms from Tiger Drum Thailand, fire displays by Samui Circus Studio, and a puppet show with Bigger Monsters, at sunset in the iconic surrounds of Solar Stage.


Release your inner anger at the cellular level with Rajen Palsingh’s Relieving Inner Anger session at Wonderness. Prepare for a wash of emotions. The scream sesh starts at 18:00.


Get. Wild. Forbidden Fruit’s first takeover for the weekend is coming to the bamboo boudoir from 19:30. Join the Go Grrrls Crew for a high-energy and high-positivity night of sweaty, steamy squads.


Theatre Stage comes alive against the backdrop of our lake when iconic Jamaican multi-instrumentalist Brushy One String performs live from 21:30.


Sarathy Korwar christens our newest stage, Creature Stage, at 19:30. The stage is decorated with fabric spun from recycled PET bottles, collected from the residents of Bangkok. It’s bright, it’s beautiful, and it’s the perfect backdrop for the jazz drumming and sweet melodies. Find a spot near the Stoli Bar at Living Village, and sip something stronger while you soak up the sounds.


Make your way (way) down to The Quarry for the first night of Collisions, a curation of world-class DJs by Craig Richards. This year, we’re doing things differently. The DJs will see you, but you won’t see them. It’s about the music, not who’s delivering it. Tonight, you’ll find Willow, Binh, and Bobby.. But not in that order.


End the whole experience with a sunrise performance by Floating Points, filling Solar Stage with his distinctive body-moving sounds.


Get your ticket, and get here. There’s more to see than we can even describe.