Your Thursday Highlights

15 December 2022 | Wonderfruit

Welcome to Wonderfruit 2022.


The gates open today and we are thrilled to welcome you back to The Fields. For your first day back, we recommend just exploring and getting a lay of the land. But to get you started, we’ve put together a list of highlights to help you along you. Don’t forget to download the Wonder App for round-the-clock programming and any changes that may happen on the fly. We’ll also be sending out not-to-miss bits and pieces for Wonderers looking for things to do. 


If you haven’t already booked your ticket, you can still get one. Head to the Box Office when you arrive and get yourself into the action with a Full Pass, Weekend Pass, or Sunday Pass. 


This year, we’re making a big deal out of Thursday and have an action-packed first day for you. Here is a rundown:


Don’t forget your refillable cup. You’ll need it. You can also pick up a Wonder Cup at most bars.


Forbidden Fruit, everyone’s favourite decadent bamboo boudoir of hedonism has been purpose-built this year as a larger semi-permanent structure. Thursday night welcomes a takeover by UNKNWN selectors.


Neramit is home base at Wonderfruit. Open 24 hours, roll in at any time to discover off-kilter acts, experimental odysseys, ambient sessions, special projects and unique collaborations that follow no rules.


SOT is looking brighter than ever. Peppina, Pit Master, Berlin Diner Kebab and cheesesteaks by Calo are on the menu with drinks from Stoli. 


Wonderness is a sacred place for healing, wellness, fitness, and the spirit. This year it’s broken into elemental zones with activities representing earth, air, fire, and water.


Polygon Live is back and is already looking even more immersive than ever thanks to new trees growing in and around the venue. Artists from near and far have spent months preparing and mapping their sets and will disperse spatialized sound from every direction, while the lights dance in rhythm with the music and intoxicating aromas flutter around you.


What’s on 

Kick off your experience with the official opening ceremony at Wonderness Axis Mundi Ceremony.


Find out what over a kilometer of lights and full-surround speakers can do when French visual creators Visual System release their light show at Poygon Live. Get as close to the center as you can, and watch the show the Crépuscule by Visual System show unfold from 8:15pm – 8:30pm.


Wondering with kids? Stop by Wonderness for the Camp Wonder Film Fest with 60 Second Film Festival. When you’re done, make some seeds bombs at Little Fields.


Head to Neramit a build designed by Boonserm Premthada, and the first selectors to play in the new venue on Thursday include Yu Su and Howie B performing as Four Sticks.


Those indigo blue pieces? Celebrate colors drawn from the land in an immersive public indigo dyeing experience with Philip Huang.


The Quarry opens Thursday this year. Catch Sarayu and Jirus opening the new space up. Follow the wormholes to another dimension while you’re there.


There’s so, so much more to see, hear, feel, and experience in The Fields this weekend. Download our app for the full schedule and plan your Wonderfruit your way. 


If you aren’t here, you can be. Pick up a pass at the gates and come Wonder with us.