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Favorites from The Fields
Our full program is here and sees a sweeping lineup of diverse talent across all our pillars. Explore a selection of not-to-miss feasts, performances, workshops and more.
Feast your heart out
Indulge your palate through a 200-seat alfresco culinary experience by award-winning chefs who will present imaginative menus built around sustainability and delivered as a unique dining affair.
Welcome to Wonder Kitchen
An intimate and interactive chef’s table concept for 20 that highlights the local food cycle and lets diners witness the theatrics that go on behind the kitchen door.
Experience #Wonderfruit2018
Dreaming of a world
free of single-use plastic
The plastic pandemic has overrun our oceans. We’re living in a world plagued by plastic but we’re dreaming of a world without single-use plastic. It’s time to wake up and take action. #PlasticDreams
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Getting ready for
Wonderfruit 2018?
Save on drinks, save the planet
We are always looking for ways to scale back on the waste we create so we're bringing back our limited edition stainless steel cups that are not only better for the planet but will also get you discounts on your drinks, too.
A spotlight on 2018
Explore our full program and find a colorful medley of artists, chefs, healers, thought leaders and more spread across our six pillars.
Live from the WonderPost
Wonderers, we have something extraordinary to offer you
The Waldorf Project is evolving.   We’re looking for Wonderers to take part in an exciting, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity on Sunday night. We’ve decided to make this bigger and better than we planned, so we’re calling for a few more Wonderers to join the project. We also know it’s last minute so we want to make it worth your while. For your effort, you’ll be refunded the price of your Wonderfruit 2018 ticket as well as credited‎ ฿2,000 on your RFID wristband. For you to receive the compensation, we’ll need you from 11am until 3pm on Saturday afternoon, as well as all day Sunday with the performance itself taking place on Sunday evening a 9pm.   These opportunities don’t happen often, join our team in doing something groundbreaking that will stay with you forever.   Let us know how to get in touch with you here.
A rundown of Saturday’s highlights from The Fields
The Fields are in full swing and there is so much to see and do. While you’re out exploring, look out for A Wanderer, Wandering as well as Offering Horses as the mobile art installations roam The Fields.  As for the rest, take a peek at the top picks from Saturday at Wonderfruit 2018:   10:00am: Allow your curiosity to take charge and explore orgasmic yoga at Wonder Garden. 10:00am: Yoga is best done surrounded by your friends and family at Camp Wonder. 12:30pm: HOT-HOT-HOT is a feast for fans of street food and takes place at the all new Theatre of Feasts with Chefs Chalee, Prim and Num. Walk-ins are first come, first served. 1:00pm: Look up to see Red Bull’s aerial acrobats performing 5,000 meters above the Solar Stage. 1:00pm: Kid Wonder presents a series of bands made up of little Wonders and for little Wonders. Catch them at Camp Wonder beginning at 1pm. 2:00pm: The founder of The Hive will explore the effects of using machine learning to investigate the repercussions on human habitat at Eco Pavilion. 2:00pm: Sound is the keystone to healing and music is the driving force of this workshop called Yoga Beats Project at Wonder Garden that’s accompanied by the soothing sound of a didgeridoo. 3:00pm: The fine art of poetry is expressed through dance in a workshop called Dance Magick over at Neramit. 3:00pm: Learn the ritual of Muay Thai as boxers have for hundreds of years in a class called War Dance at Yoga Barn. 3:30pm: Sustainable kitchen practices are at the forefront of fine dining and chefs Bo and Dylan of Bo.lan will dive further into how to eat responsibly in a talk at Eco Pavilion. 4:30pm: Experience sound healing through an immersive 3D hypnotic experience at Polygon. 5:30pm: A marching band that plays techno exists and MEUTE debut at the Solar Stage just in time for sunset on Saturday evening. 5:30pm: The ever-enigmatic Goldie will be drawing on his own experiences in a talk about life and music at the Eco Pavilion. 8:00pm: Head to the Theatre Stage for an emotive performance by composer Peter Broderick. 9:30pm: The Living Stage will host Tuvan quartet Huun Huur Tu along with Carmen Rizzo for a fantastical display of throat singing and traditional instruments weaved into funky rhythms. 10:30pm: 4-time DMC champions C2C start Saturday night off at Mercedes me @ SOT, after which Skratch Bastid will showcase the turntablist skills that landed him a role as Red Bull 3Style judge with the night finishing off with DJ Dragon x Pichy with MC Tul who layer drum n bass over hip-hop. 2:00am: Craig Richards plays the final set at The Quarry together with Nicolas Lutz all the way until 6am. 2:15am: Jazz fans rejoice at Neramit as the Lalita Jazz Collective takes the stage to swing you through the rest of the late night.   ...and much, much more!
Friday’s Highlights: What not to miss from day two in The Fields
The first day in The Fields went off with a bang and as we head into day two, we want to make sure that you don’t miss a thing. Have a glance at just a few things that Friday has in store, but at the same time enjoy exploring all the surprises that Wonderfruit 2018 has waiting for you.   While you're our exploring, make sure to meander over to the Dew Flower: water tower which is part look out and part water tower, and also make sure to check out our first foray into VR at In The Eyes of the Animal.   9:00am: Performer Elin Eyborg will tend the opening of 124 Umbrellas at the Eco Pavilion like a flower blossoming while interacting with the audience. 10:00am: Crussen swaps roles from DJ to wellness coach and leads a class on using your breath as the main tool for self-exploration. 12:00pm: Are your children aspiring to be musicians? Let them jam along with DJ Mizuyo at the Hands On Jam Along Booth at Camp Wonder. 1:00pm: Get your hands dirty with Seeker x Retriever who teach hand printing at Camp Wonder with natural dyes. 2:00pm: Mark Lloyd will show you how to never let kitchen scraps go to waste in a Zero-Waste Cocktail Workshop at Wonder Kitchen. 2:30pm: Learn more about balancing wellness with your life and being a part of the organic social movement with Arrut Navaraj at Eco Pavilion. 3:00pm: Deep House Yoga looks to combine meditation with stretching to the sounds of a live harmonium with Sheranne Wong at Yoga Barn. 4:00pm: Learn how to integrate Amazonian medicines into a western way of life with Phoenix Two Feather at Wonder Garden. 4:00pm: Listen to Daan Roosegaarde examine and activate solutions to improve daily life in urban environments by using technology at Eco Pavilion. 4:00pm: Take part in the brouhaha that unfolds at the Molam Bus by first learning the ropes in a Fon Isan dance workshop. 4:30pm: 35 crystal alchemy bowls will come together in a lullaby that whispers to your seven chakras in Crystal Bowl Elixir Meditative Ceremony led by five masters at Wonder Garden. 6:00pm: Sit at Chef Tam’s exclusive dinner table and learn about the sustainable food concept through a chef’s table seating at Wonder Kitchen. 7:30pm: If you’ve never feasted on a pig roasted over an open flame, an impromptu all-you-can-eat feast at Mercedes me @ SOT is your chance. 8:30pm: Following his live performance, don’t miss Nightmares on Wax do a DJ set with tunes that will ease you into the night. 9:00pm: Enigmatic Chicago rapper Kweku Collins is an old soul whose airy melodies and haunting lyrics will leave you spellbound over at Mercedes me @ SOT. 9:30pm: Elda Suryani’s unforgettable voice is not to be missed as the spotlight shines on Stars and Rabbit at The Theatre Stage. 9:30pm: Back by popular demand, Be Svendson brings his live show and shamanic beats to Polygon Live. 10:00pm: Fleetmac Wood does a Fleetwood Mac dance party with a twist at Forbidden Fruit. 11:00pm: Goldie like you’ve never seen him before. The drum n bass will perform together with an orchestra of eight on the Living Stage.   And last but not least, it’s hot out there so make sure to stay hydrated. There are refill stations all over the site so make sure to carry your own refillable bottle with you for free water.   ...and much, much more!  
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