A 4-day celebration
of the arts to catalyze
positive impact
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Favorites from The Fields
Our full program is here and sees a sweeping lineup of diverse talent across all our pillars. Explore a selection of not-to-miss feasts, performances, workshops and more.
Feast your heart out
Indulge your palate through a 200-seat alfresco culinary experience by award-winning chefs who will present imaginative menus built around sustainability and delivered as a unique dining affair.
Welcome to Wonder Kitchen
An intimate and interactive chef’s table concept for 20 that highlights the local food cycle and lets diners witness the theatrics that go on behind the kitchen door.
Experience #Wonderfruit2018
Dreaming of a world
free of single-use plastic
The plastic pandemic has overrun our oceans. We’re living in a world plagued by plastic but we’re dreaming of a world without single-use plastic. It’s time to wake up and take action. #PlasticDreams
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Getting ready for
Wonderfruit 2018?
A spotlight on 2018
Explore our full program and find a colorful medley of artists, chefs, healers, thought leaders and more spread across our six pillars.
Live from the WonderPost
WONDER WALK with Johnnie Walker at Wonderfruit
Explore the progression of Thailand’s heritage this year in a moving venue that pays homage to its culture by infusing local ingredients in handcrafted cocktails made with premium Johnnie Walker liquor.   WONDER WALK is an iconic roving bus-cum-bar that will hit three locations per day in the form of a dual deck TukTuk that salutes a traditional Thai color palette. Hit the first-floor bar for refreshments before venturing to the upper deck for a unique vantage point of the festival.   This mobile soundstage will be in the Suntharaphon music style, a Thai spin on classic Western melodies from the 40s to 70s.   Active in Thailand since 1924, Johnnie Walker underscores its KEEP WALKING tagline by committing to the brand’s goal of inspiring people around the world to focus on personal development as the key to overcoming obstacles on their path to success. Johnnie Walker is launching a new large-scale campaign entitled WALK for the first time in Thailand to champion Thai local creative collectives who progress their city culture forward.   The WONDER WALK showcase is a reflection of the brand moving towards a more progressive future by walking Wonderers through design, music and drinks that embody Thai heritage and culture.   So if WONDER WALK pulls up near you in The Fields and offers you a drink, you can thank Johnnie Walker.
Wonderfruit is looking for 200 special volunteers to take part in one of the world’s largest experiments
This year, together with The Waldorf Project, we’re doing something groundbreaking and looking for 200 volunteers to participate in an extraordinary field-wide immersive performance. But you won’t just be a volunteer, your role will be crucial to the success of the project. We’re looking for 200 people with interest in dance or theatre. If you’re selected, you will be personally trained by the director himself in the methods and language of the Waldorf Project, and will play a vital role in the performance engaging with a large group of contemporary dancers and learn how to interact with Wonderers for the duration of the performance.   To thank you for your participation, you will receive a complimentary festival ticket and General Camping pass to pitch your own tent during the festival dates. Note that meals and beverages will not be provided.   Rehearsals will take place the weekend of Wonderfruit beginning Friday 14 December and run until curtain call on Sunday 16 December. We will ask you for your full commitment at the following times: Friday evening: 3-4 hours Saturday morning: 3-4 hours Sunday: all day   We can’t wait to see it unfold in The Fields and hope you’ll be a part of this radical experience.   Apply here to be a part of something radical.
SangSom’s Moonlight Lounge, where intimacy loves to lounge
Travel back in time to Thailand’s gramophone era in the heavily nostalgic Moonlight Lounge by SangSom. Illuminated by the brand’s iconic moon emblem, which is actually a sparkling chandelier that hangs over an intimate vintage-inspired lounge area, Wonderers will be serenaded by the sublime sounds of vinyl played by maestros of the era. Audiophiles will further relish in the Moonlight Lounge’s Hi-Fi sound system from which they can expect to hear oldies from Thailand and timeless classics by Studio Lam DJs.   The decadent and ultra vibey interior will be complemented by SangSom’s color palette and boosted by a bar serving up SangSom cocktails. Thai infused herbal drinks made with rum, coconuts and other exotic fruits will be concocted into tropical libations that match the exotic textures of SangSom’s Moonlight Lounge. By day, find shelter from the sun in the only Mughal tent in The Fields this year and by night, mingle at one of the most unique venues of Wonderfruit this year.
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