Solar Stage

Our most iconic structure returns to The Fields this year with the Solar Stage once again with a monumental reconfiguration. Coming alive at sunrise and sunset with DJs and a vibe that carries over from its Burning Man roots, the transformative space is designed for exploring, climbing, dancing and gathering in and around the structure while DJs play up close and personal sets for sunrise and sunset worshippers. The experience is an integral one to the overall Wonderfruit experience and is revered by many as the focal point of the festival with friends, families, dancers, performers and more all coming together in syncopated harmony. The geometrical architecture is an installation by LA-based architect, designer, artist and inventor Gregg Fleishman whose modular structure is made out of sustainably harvested wood and is assembled, disassembled and redesigned each year. The Solar Stage will host artists including Craig Richards, Nicolas Lutz, Gidge, Libella. Lord Echo, Louis Cole, Seb Wildblood, Young Marco, NJWA, Stars and Rabbit and more.