Wonderfruit 101

34 Fantastic Finds at Wonderfruit 2018

Goldie & The Ensemble: Goldie like you’ve never seen him before. The drum ‘n’ bass legend travels to Thailand to weave trip-hop rhythms and jazz chords together with an orchestra who will bring to life many of his classics.


Knower: This searing-hot music group from Los Angeles is spearheading a new musical movement built upon hard-hitting funk, cool chords, deep melodies, and funky vocals, and their live shows have been likened to imaginative off-world experience.


MEUTE: Not your average marching band. A dozen drummers and horn players will descend upon The Fields to combine driving techno with brass band music.


Bath House: Built atop our natural lake and inspired by Japanese and Thai bathing rituals, the Bath House is designed by Ab Rogers to be a calming sanctuary amid the hustle and bustle of the festival. It is also home to a series of workshops based on ancient bathing rituals.


Solar Stage: The transformative Solar Stage comes alive at sunrise and sunset. The structure is also designed for exploring, climbing, dancing and gathering in and around so you can get up -close-and-personal with the DJs.


The Quarry: Craig Richards takes over The Quarry with a slew of DJs that he’s handpicked himself. The party is called Collisions and it starts when the sun goes down.


Wonder Feasts: The all-new Theatre of Feasts is a 200-seat alfresco dining space that will host feasts with Bo.lan, Gaa, The Guest List with Chefs Paolo and Jarrett, and a lunch with Chefs Chalee, Prim and Num so hot that it’s not for the faint of heart.


Wonder Kitchen: Newcomer on The Fields is this intimate 20-person chef’s table concept that will give guests a chance to interact with Chef Tam from Top Chef Thailand and Chef Black from Blackitch Artisan Kitchen in Chiang Mai as they prepare sustainably driven dinners.

Kid Wonder: A first for The Fields, Kid Wonder will host a series of bands made up of our smaller Wonderers.


Polygon: Polygon Live brings together futuristic sensory technology that synchronizes touch, holographic visuals, light and hyper-real sound in a new immersive environment for dance-music lovers.


SOT: Wonderfruit’s only hip-hop camp will host three-time Scribble Jam Winner, Red Bull Thre3Style judge and Jazzy Jeff’s right-hand man Skratch Bastid along with some local maestro to deliver a master class in hip-hop that is on another level from just mixing.


Laughter Yoga: Forced laughter can quickly turn into real laughter while also providing the same physiological and psychological benefits as spontaneous laughter. Bring a friend, roll out a mat and be prepared for a sore stomach from laughing too hard.


Planetary Sound Alchemy: An orchestra of gongs will consecrate Wonder Garden through a series of shamanic rituals and a rhythmic drum circle led by some of the world’s most famed gong masters.

5 Masters: Crystal Bowl Elixir Meditative Ceremony: Akin to a lullaby, this ceremony is comprised of 35 alchemy crystal bowls and begins with an herbal fragrance resonance and a mantra chant followed a concert performed by Amarita.

Eco Pavilion: Home to Scratch Talks, the Eco Pavilion is where you can find shade under 124 handcrafted cotton umbrellas. Every morning, architect and movement performer Elin Eyborg will turn opening the umbrellas into a performance.


The Sampran Model Organic Farmers Project in Thailand: Get inspired by Arrut Navaraj as he talks about the organic tourism movement he started in Thailand where he encourages hotels and restaurants to buy organic produce direct from a collective of 170 farmers.


Nice ad, shame about the planet: If cigarettes and alcohol are severely restricted from advertising, why aren’t products that cause climate change? Naresh Ramchandani explores this question in a talk.


Landscapes of the Future: Explore the importance of social design that merges people, technology and space to create a better world with Daan Roosegaarde.


Viken Arman (LIVE): Viken Arman fuses ethnical influences and ancient melodies with electronic beats to create magical vibes that go beyond dance in a mystical musical journey.


Molam Bus: Step straight into a 70s Thai village party at the Molam Bus, a stage designed by Jim Thompson Art Center and laced with nostalgia. Don’t know how to dance? Head to the area on Friday and Saturday night between 6pm to 8pm and take part in a Fon Isan dance workshop.


DuOuD: The lute-like oud is one of the great acoustic instruments of North Africa and the Middle East, but DuOuD have set out to change its image by mixing the North African lute with electronic technology.


Workshops to master sex and spirituality:  Sex and sexuality remain a sensitive subject in most of society and our untapped resource, but Wonder Garden’s plethora of activities and workshops will help you master the subject.


Nightmares on Wax: One of this generation’s most influential acts will marry soul, hip-hop, dub, and timeless club sounds in one the most highly anticipated performances to hit The Fields this year.


Stars and Rabbit: Charming and unforgettable, Stars and Rabbit are Indonesia’s finest export when it comes to music. Every song is steeped in personal experiences and threaded with imagination. If you need an introduction, their mesmerizing music videos are a good place to start.


In the Eyes of the Animal: Presenting our first foray into virtual reality and technology. This cinematic work uses the mask of VR to take users on a journey above the tree canopy where they will come face-to-face with hi-definition critters.


Waldorf Project: The world’s largest experiment in empathy engineering is set to take over The Fields on Sunday night with a festival-wide cast. Curious? Join us for this groundbreaking experience.


Dew Flower: water tower: Part water tower and part look out, the Dew Flower offers a bird’s eye view of The Fields and Wonderers can fully interact with the process by hopping on swings to help shake down captured droplets into the garden below.


Wonder Nanny: Drop your small children off for an afternoon of mindful activities like playing games, listening to stories, experimenting with cooking and participating in some arts and crafts.


Microworld by Taste Hunters: Learn about the art of Sake making, meet the makers and attend tasting workshops led by people who love and are super passionate about what they do at Microworld by Tastehunters.


Job2do: The man behind Thailand’s anthemic 2005 hit ’Doo Ter Tum’ will grace The Fields with his popular blend of reggae, ska, Thai country, folk, and dub.


The Hamlet: A cozy theatre-in-the-round where you can explore, play, rest and feast. Local and international DJs and live artists will serenade you while soothing your soul.


Camp Edible Workshop: Learn about various creative and ancient ways to work with locally sourced ingredients such as fermentation, aging, food waste, natural aroma and dye, and more at Camp Edible.


Huun Huur Tu and Carmen Rizzo: Carmen Rizzo joins the Tuvan acoustic throat singers Huun Huur Tu where they use traditional instruments to they subtly draw on 20th-century composers and funky rhythms.


Patom Organic Village: The Patom Organic Bar combines traditional wisdom and modern methods to serve up organic specialty Thai liquors, also known as yadong, which is essentially Thai moonshine and is popular for both its strong flavors and curing properties.