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Plan your trip to Wonderfruit 2018

Whether you’re coming from Bangkok or the other side of the world, it’s never too early to start planning your trip to Wonderfruit. In fact, seasoned Wonderers will tell you they’ve already got their costumes sourced, sewn and shred. You don’t need to get that serious, yet, but there are a few things to do before you start thinking (or stressing) about what you might wear.

Here is a handy checklist to get you started:


Four days at a festival might sound mad but we won’t stop short of recommending our 4-Day Pass. Start by thinking of Wonderfruit as a short holiday and plan to immerse yourself in the full Wonderfruit experience, this way you’ll get the most out of the festival’s careful curation and hardly miss a thing.

That said, we also understand that annoying things like work can get in the way of a long weekend so we’ve come up with some alternatives. The Weekend Pass was made for those who by December have run out of sick days and it will gain you entry on Saturday and Sunday. There is also a one-day Sunday Pass if you’re just looking to get your feet wet (we have a lake for that, too).

If you’re lucky enough to be coming with a slew of your nearest and dearest, the Party Pass is perfect for groups of 10 and will get every one of your buddies a bargain rate on the 4-Day Pass. These won’t be available at the door, so be sure to round up your friends and family to book these in advance.

Children aged 12 and under are free of charge but your four-legged friends will need a Dog Pass.

Remember that on 5 September your pockets will need to get a little bit deeper with the launch of Phase 2.

There is so much more information on ticketing available here.


We know that by now you’ve seen some sultry photos of our Boutique Camping site but for many people, the thought of camping especially in steamy Thailand is enough to book a one way ticket to civilization. But did we mention that our super luxurious and ultra accommodating tents can be air conditioned?

Besides that, we can’t recommend staying in The Fields enough. Not only is it a key component to the entire Wonderfruit experience but camping is hugely convenient as travel time to and from the festival comes down to how fast you can walk a few meters.

Located in our shady coconut grove, the Boutique Camping area boasts its own private toilets, showers and drinking water stations with all accomodations coming fit out with beds, linens, towels and more. To really experience the essence of luxury camping at Wonderfruit, let us recommend the Safari and Bell Tents, which make camping palatable even for the posh.

But if you really can’t stomach sleeping under the stars, we’ve upped the ante for the ultimate luxury accommodation with an RV option that offers all the fun of campervanning without having to drive. The RV Boutique Campers are also the only on-site accommodations that come equipped with an ensuite bathroom, a fridge, microwave and more. If you’d prefer to drive and bring your own RV, you’ll just need to purchase an RV Pass that comes with or without hookups.

For the bold and the brave, you can pitch a tent in the General Camping area but don’t forget it will run you 400 THB for all four nights. Also, a new location means new facilities and we’ve upgraded the zone to include swankier toilets and showers, a water drinking station and, more importantly, a bar.

Check out for all onsite accommodation is at 12pm on Monday 17 December, so you can enjoy the full extent of our Sunday program.

And finally, for those who just can’t live without room service, we’ve teamed up with a selection of hotel partners, all of which are located in and around Pattaya, which is a 30-minute drive from The Fields.

Getting to The Fields

Yes, it’s true, we’ve moved but stop worrying – we’re just 5 minutes from the Wonderfruit grounds that you’ve come to know and love so not much has changed in the way of getting to The Fields.

Your usual options are all available: make your own way in a car, hire a taxi or minivan, or hop on a bus to Pattaya. For more detailed driving directions and more information on how to get yourself to The Fields, check out our General Info.

Watch this space for updates, wonderful things are coming.