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What to do with your Sunday in The Fields

As we enter the final day in The Fields, we want to make sure you get the most out of your time and get in as many experiences as you can before you go home. We also hope you’ll join us for our grand finale, also the biggest experience we’ve planned for Wonderfruit 2018. It happens on Sunday night at 9pm when together with The Waldorf Project we’ll present the world’s largest experiment in empathy engineering at The Living Stage. Meet us there!


But before that, make sure to check out the highlights below:


11:00am: Head over to The Hive for a full day of workshops that includes making tea, fermenting food, and the art of kokedama.

3:00pm: A daytime disco party at Forbidden Fruit courtesy of the UK’s finest disco operators whose parties have been dubbed ‘a queer party for everyone’.

3:30pm: You don’t need to be a good artist to try painting blindfolded. Give it your best go at Camp Wonder.

4:30pm: Advertisements for cigarettes and alcohol are severely banned so why aren’t advertisements for products that cause climate change? Naresh Ramchandani discusses this at the Eco Pavilion.

5:00pm: The colour red is integral in Ab Rogers’ designs and he will deliver a talk on the importance of colours and materials at the Eco Pavilion.

5:30pm: A puppet ballet that doubles as a call to arms against the current environmental crisis will unfold just before dusk with the Solar Stage as a backdrop.

5:30pm: Reggae is the perfect soundtrack to a Sunday afternoon, especially when Thailand’s local hero Job2Do delivers ‘doo doo dum’ at the Living Stage.

9:00pm: The Fields will go dark for a 28-minute experience at the Living Stage called FUTURO – X that will see the world’s largest experiment in empathy engineering unfold.

1:00am (Monday): Our official closing party sees The Fields go on until 11am on Monday morning with Craig Richards and friends at The Solar Stage.


…and much, much more!


Thank you for coming and we hope you enjoyed the show. See you in 2019.