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12 Dec 2017 | By Wonderfruit

With online radio making waves worldwide, this year we’ve teamed up with two of Asia’s best stations to bring the pirate soundsystem spirit to Wonderfruit.

South Korea’s Seoul Community Radio (SCR), which recently won the prize for Best Station, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa at the 2017 Mixcloud Online Radio Awards, will be teaming up with Bangkok’s very own Sabai Sabai to create a unique mobile radio stage, which will broadcast live from The Fields.

A modified Thai ‘Baht Bus’ decked out with East Asian street décor, the roaming radio shack will be parked up during the hazy afternoons on Friday and Sunday at Tiki Bar and on Saturday at The Ziggurat. Besides live broadcasts from a choice selection of Korean, Thai and other special international guests, Wonderfruit Radio will feature interviews with some of Wonderfruit’s hottest artists, so keep a look out or tune in.

Offering some cross-cultural sonic vibes, the mobile stage will also be the launching pad for Bangkok Community Radio – a platform for Thai underground artists to thrive, inspired by the dynamism of the local scene and the success of their Seoul counterpart , and help home-grown Asian talent reach a wider audience.

To get you in the mood, get to know some of the guests hitting the mobile decks and taking over the airwaves at Radio Wonderfruit:

DJ Bowlcut (Seoul Community Radio / Hazed and Confucius, Korea)
Versatile South Korean DJ / producer Juhwan You aka DJ Bowlcut has a fervor for music that saw him develop as a champion turntablist. He’ll be bringing you the warm wavy beats that have made his Hazed and Confucius collective a unique attraction in Seoul’s underground scene.  

More Rice Showcase (Bangkok / Manilla)
More Rice is a platform dedicated to highlighting and connecting homegrown musical talent from across Asia. At Wonderfruit Radio, mainstays Mikail (20/20 Manila) and Sarayu will showcase the label’s quality dancefloor ethos and distinct regional twist of humor alongside friends and colleagues from Asia’s growing producer community.

Rompa’s Reggae Shack (UK)
From dub, roots, and steppas, to dancehall and jungle, Rompa’s Reggae Shack is dedicated to reggae in all its various forms. This will mark the first foray into southeast Asia for the long-running institution of London’s dub community. Head honcho Rompa aka Daddy Nature is eager to bring the party that has made RRS the go-to destination for dubwise fam the world over.

Maarten Goetheer (Bangkok: BEAM, Sabai Sabai Radio)
In the past 10 years DJ Maarten Goetheer has positioned himself as a stalwart of the Asian dance industry. From his residency at Hong Kong’s KEE club to his role as the in-house booker for Bangkok’s underground temple BEAM, he’s on the frontlines of quality dance music. An avid collector of many genres, Maarten tours extensively, always incorporating Thai Molam and Luk Thung into his sets.

Full Wonderfruit Radio schedule:
Friday at Tiki Bar
1-2pm: Kick Off with Juhwan, Maarten & Rich, featuring special guest interviews
2-3pm: Boogie G (Nite Ride)
3-4pm: Mikhail (XX XX / More Rice, Manila)
4-5pm Panna (Vinyl Feeling)

Saturday at The Ziggurat
1-2pm: Tom FKG
2-3pm: DJ Nanziee (Vinyl Feeling)
3-4pm: Juice Willis (Sabai Sabai)
4-5pm: DJ Bowlcut (SCR / Hazed & Confucius)

Sunday at Tiki Bar
1-2pm: Gao Lao (High Time)
2-3pm: Rompa’s Reggae Shack, featuring special guest interviews
3-4pm: Jaydubb (Disco Robot)
4-5pm: Sarayu (More Rice)



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