At Wonderfruit, our ethos is to encourage, develop and innovate creative solutions for sustainable living and bring together a global community to celebrate them.

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Let's re-think the way a society functions, from its waste management, water, transportation and logistics to energy, food, human interactions to social experiments. By designing a city with these elements in mind, we can re-engineer traditional practices to create a world we want to see.

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Over the past five years, we’ve built a celebration of sustainability on six pillars: Art & Architecture, Farm to Feasts, Music, Family, Talks & Workshops and Wellness. This year, we continue to curate experiences that bring our global community together.

2019 Highlights
A celebration of the creative energy radiating out of the Southeast Asian diaspora, and hopefully, a glimpse into a new way of living.
From the Wonderpost
20 November 2019
Spectacular city stays away from The Fields
We’ve told you all about the joys of staying at Wonderfruit—sleeping steps from the action, joining a community of happy campers, and getting involved in the wonders of camp. But not everyone needs to stay in a tent or RV, and we have plenty of options for those Wonderers who still want a unique stay with a few more of the comforts of home.   If that’s you, let us introduce you to our Official Hotel Partner for Wonderfruit 2019: Siam@Siam.   This modern design hotel is everything your Wonderfruit experience requires: convenient, comfortable, and filled with all the extras to make you feel extra special.   Book with Siam@Siam for Wonderfruit and you will be treated to: A vibrant room with a view Access to the double-decker pool for sky-high swims, and the highest rooftop bar in town for wind-down cocktails Complimentary shuttle to and from Wonderfruit every day (subject to schedule) Daily breakfast for two Special room rates just for Wonderers   Stay even closer with Eastiny and Horseshoe Point, two hotels moments from The Fields. Hitch a free ride each morning and arrive at the gates in style.   Relax in Na Jomtien with a room at Mövenpick Siam Hotel, and make the most of your time with: Panoramic views of the city and coast Daily breakfast for two Family-friendly spaces for the little ones Special room rates just for Wonderers   Wake up to ocean views at Royal Cliff Pattaya, and enjoy: A welcome fruit basket on arrival 10% discount on food in all restaurants 15% discount on spa treatments Special room rates just for Wonderers   Lock in your stay with our nearby hotels and make the most of your time in Pattaya.  
19 November 2019
Find your way to The Fields with Grab
You Wonderers are a diverse bunch, coming together at Wonderfruit from corners far and wide. The ‘where’ is up to you, and all are welcome. We’ve taken care of the ‘how’, thanks to Grab.   Getting to Wonderfruit is simple. Download the Grab app from the App Store or Google Play, sign up to Southeast Asia’s leading ride-hailing platform, and roll in courtesy of a special discount.   Book a JustGrab, GrabCar, GrabSUV, or GrabVan, apply the promo code WONDER19, and save 10% on your ride (up to 100B off). Make your way to and from the The Fields in style from your hotel or offsite accommodation, and make the most of a discounted ride—you can use the promo code four times throughout your stay, between 12 and 16 December.   Hail a Grab from the main entrance, and wait for your ride at Grab Lounge. It’s a comfortable, connected space that’ll make you wish your driver was a little further away.   For anyone looking for a more communal experience, Grab is also laying on hourly shuttles from our gates to the middle of Pattaya. Make your way to Grab Lounge, purchase a shuttle ticket for 300 THB each way, and settle in for a quick trip to where you need to be. The shuttles drop off at Dusit Thani Pattaya, near the Dolphin Roundabout (it may not mean much now, but everyone in Pattaya knows the Dolphin Roundabout, making it a handy place to connect to hotels and accommodation around the city).   Grab is taking care of your journey, so you have more time to focus on the wonder that awaits.
18 November 2019
In the news: 22 Sublime Sonic Experiences You Absolutely Cannot Miss at Wonderfruit
In Mixmag on 14 November 2019, writer and Wonderer Olivia Wycech selected a handful of highlights from the 2019 Wonderfruit program.   It's the most Wonderful time of the year — Wonderfruit season is well underway with just one month until The Fields come alive. Six editions later, the now five-day festival has etched its way into the upper echelons of global music experiences after redefining the corridors of what a music festival ought to be. Music aside, the achingly pretty festival grounds come wrapped in the expansive splendor of ruminative art installations, sustainably designed stages, forward-thinking tastes and tipples, and spellbinding sunsets — altogether cementing the festival as the definitive portal to Thailand's vibrant culture.   Arguably Asia's most impeccably curated festival, Wonderfruit has a unique approach to music and continues to deliver a vanguard of masterful musicians to Thailand year after year. And year after year, it overturns any preconceived notions people might have about its more obscure programming. This incarnation, however, might be a selection of their most extraordinary selectors yet with 524 far-left maestros making up the majority of the line-up. If you don't recognize some of the names on the bill, good — that's intentional. Explore, enlighten, and educate. We've said this before (and we'll say it again): if you're only thinking about big names, you're not thinking big enough. But to help make the Wonderfruit 2019 line-up a little more digestible, here is a shortlist of highlights that you absolutely can't fucking miss.   ​THURSDAY: THE UNOFFICIAL OPENING EXTRAVAGANZA   Calling all music heads! Thursday night at Neramit will see a sonic deluge of electronic music DJs playing everything but dance music, a blissed-out juxtaposition to the rest of the weekend. Artists like Que Sakamoto, Michael Yumé and Craig Richards are all carefully curating performances that will run the gamut from 70s to 80s psychedelic rock, dub, soul, new wave, post-punk, disco and more. The digging for unknown vinyl started months ago, with an emphasis on searching for special sounds and hidden gems. A showcase by the UKNWN collective from Manilla is also on the agenda to help ease Wonderers into the weekend. FRIDAY: COLLEEN 'COSMO' MURPHY AS PART OF THE GO GRRRLS TAKEOVER OF FORBIDDEN FRUIT   GO GRRRLS welcomes friends, lovers and strangers alike to God Save The Queer, a liberating evening where freedom, expression, and love is on the soundtrack (alongside anything from David Bowie, Grimes, Yeah Yeah Yeahs to The Knife). Their LGBTQ-friendly party at Forbidden Fruit will offer something a little extra to Wonderers this year, and that’s especially the case if we count a performance by Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy. A mainstay at The Loft by David Mancuso in New York throughout the 70s and 80s, today she is a highly respected and experienced musical selector and curator who encourage aficionados to enjoy the finer details and synchronicities of music.   FRIDAY: GIDGE AT SOLAR STAGE   Envision the north of Sweden: chilling, eerie and dark, and a place for introspection and solitude rather than anything jovial, but hauntingly beautiful nonetheless. Encapsulate this into a sound, weaved in dark chords, ethereal beats and ambient soundscapes, and you have the sound of Gidge. With the woods of the north as their inspiration, this mesmerising Swedish duo mix electronic music and organic elements with melancholic vocal samples and warm, fuzzy chord progressions that transport you to a faraway place somewhere in the unknown corners of the cosmos. Don’t worry about them being too downtempo; the pair have previously lived in Berlin, apparent through the bass that they bring. Billed initially to play last year but dropped out due to scheduling, they were quickly invited back probably for their reputation of delivering performances that are immersive, emotive and hypnotising. FRIDAY (AND SUNDAY): ZUDRANGMA RECORDS TAKEOVER AT NERAMIT   The go-to destination for vinyl junkies looking for Thai funk, also known as molam, ZudRangMa is a small record shop in Bangkok. Through his band called The Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band, which is at the top of our not-to-miss list for culture-seekers, the owner is revitalising the retro sound of old-school Thai music, and through gigs like Wonderfruit, ZudRangMa brings a little slice of their eclectic ethos to The Fields. With headliners like GUTS adding a dash of experimental and sunny vibrations and Frankie Francis (Sofrito) who brings with him a love of old African and Caribbean music, on this night Neramit will offer a refuge free from electronic music tucked under the trees of a lofty bamboo pavilion.   FRIDAY: BEARDYMAN AT THE CREATURE STAGE   We love a good bio, and Beardyman’s reads: 2x beatbox champion, king of sound, ruler of beats and destroyer of dance-floors. We’ve read several other variations that pin him as a vocal shaman, musical mastermind and….a comedian? Known for producing the sounds and rhythms of entire musical tracks using only his mouth and weaving humour in with his musical performances, Beardyman’s gone from Internet phenomenon to selling out comedy shows and winning beatboxing championships with his ever-growing arsenal of cutting edge talents. Enough said. Plus, we love a man who doesn’t take himself too seriously.   SATURDAY: A SUNRISE SET BY FLOATING POINTS AT SOLAR STAGE   Veteran Wonderers know that one of the most coveted performances at Wonderfruit is sunrise at the Solar Stage and this year one of the slots has been awarded to Floating Points, who is is arguably one of Wonderfruit’s most lauded bookings for 2019. It gets better, Wonderfruit isn’t fucking around and has confirmed the English electronic musician to play an extended 3.5-hour set. Belonging to a class of performers reserved for the upper echelon of music, the artist (and neuroscientist) is known for producing visceral and cerebral sounding compilations of music that are an intricate exploration of electronic music soundscapes. Braces yourself for one of those performances that Wonderers won’t let go of for years to come. SATURDAY: AN ED BANGER TAKEOVER OF FORBIDDEN FRUIT   If you don’t know who Ed Banger are, you might not know how epic this takeover is, so allow us to enlighten you. The ultra iconic French DJ collective was founded by Busy P (Daft Punk’s former manager) in 2003 and dominated dance music for the years that followed. In 2007, when Justice released † and electro was enjoying its heyday, the words Ed Banger were on the mouths of every cool kid who’d ever been to a rave. Still going strong from Paris, the label has since been closely affiliated with names like Mr. Ozio, SebastiAn, Breakbot, Feadz, So Me and more. On Saturday night, Ed Banger will take over Wonderfruit’s beautiful bamboo boudoir with Busy P himself playing alongside Breakbot & Irfane, Myd and Yasmin under the sultry red lights that have become synonymous with the decadent dance destination. Party plus: Forbidden Fruit will be fit out with the new Pioneer sound system imported from Japan, a first in Thailand. SATURDAY: RIVAL CONSOLES AT THE THEATRE STAGE   Nick Luscombe’s global sound and art project arrives in The Fields this year but not before spending time in Bangkok recording and interpreting the city’s landmarks. The artists performing at Music City have warped those sounds into live performances that will unfold at the Theatre Stage, sharing their sonic interpretations in a hugely cinematic performance. Of a long list of experimental artists from the Erased Tapes roster, one to watch is Rival Consoles, who “makes high-brow, avant-garde electronic music in the vein of Jon Hopkins and Nils Frahm.” Simply put, he is notable for making synthesisers sound human and atmospheric. SATURDAY: DADDY G AT THE SOLAR STAGE   You know, like from Massive Attack. Worthy of legend status, Massive Attack founding member Daddy G will descend upon The Fields to deliver an eclectic and ever-changing DJ set that we can only hope will be based upon the experimental music that pioneered the Bristol sound of the 90s. Or at least the music that has been fueling this legend since the 80s because he’s known for being the kind of DJ who simply enjoys playing their favourite records. Whatever he plays, you’ll be dancing in the presence of greatness.   SATURDAY: MATANZA'S NEW LIVE PERFORMANCE AT POLYGON   Trust me, you've heard Matanza before. I serendipitously stumbled upon Matanza when YouTube queued them up following Nicola Cruz's Boiler Room showcase in Tulum, and recognised a lot of the music that Cruz himself played, but live. The South American tribal tech house band intersects acoustic instruments with synthesisers, electronic beats, and Colombian charangos and quenas. At Wonderfruit, they will debut an all-new live performance that's being touted as "a spectacle of rhythmic prowess, set against a tech house sound and the pounding folk music of their indigenous cultural heritage." SATURDAY: A DJ SET BY CHROMEO AT NERAMIT   Aptly renamed House of the Unholy+Holy for one evening, Neramit has locked down super fly Canadian duo Chromeo to kick start the unholiness. Bringing electro-funk to dance floors since the Montreal-based dream team burst onto the scene with ‘She’s In Control’ in 2004, followed by ‘Fancy Footwork’ in 2007, Chromeo hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down. Today they are up to album number five, always winning the hearts of spirited party-goers all over the world with their upbeat melodies and catchy lyrics. Taking cues from Prince and Daft Punk, their sets are in equal parts heart-thrilling, party-rocking and club-banging. Vive le Chromeo! SATURDAY: AN ACTUAL RITUAL AT HOUSE OF THE UNHOLY+HOLY   Drawing influence from Alejandro Jodorowsky, Federico Fellini, Salvador Dalí, Daft Punk, Dune and Asian culture, House Of The Unholy+Holy is a surreal cinematic experience for adults that is both hauntingly beautiful and chillingly bizarre. The immersive theatrical performance was birthed from a sci-fi fantasy short film written and directed by industry legend Daniel Merlot, which he shot earlier this year in Bangkok. A polymath and all-around renaissance man, Merlot made his directorial debut last year with 65-year-old Emiko Shibamura’s viral music video which has been described as a “blast of insanity”. The Wonderfruit incarnation, or inmaculate conception, is co-curated by the almost mythical Swamy, who is a longtime friend and collaborator of Merlot’s. Together with 12 performers, they will step deep into the archetypes of their respective roles to bring a small slice of that same insanity to The Fields for a kitschy and decadent midnight performance soundtracked by dystopian ceremonial electronic music. SATURDAY: DJ GARTH PLAYING A FOUR-HOUR SET AT NERAMIT   San Fransisco is credited with churning out a lot of really good talent over the years: Miguel Migs, DJ Shadow, Mark Farina, Nick Monaco, Claude Vonstroke, and more. Well, DJ Garth is credited with both defining and capturing the sound of San Francisco house music in the mid-90s — essentially putting The Bay on the music map. He also brought the UK's sound system culture to San Fransisco in 1991 and cemented acid house in the city at the same time. His legendary Wicked Sound System was also the pioneering sound system at Burning Man in 1995. A DJs DJ, Garth is still going strong — so strong that he's playing a five-hour set at Wonderfruit (as he should be). SATURDAY: VOILAAA SOUND SYSTEM AT OMELETTE STAGE   Fluffy like an Omelette and often made with unexpected combinations is the idea behind Wonderfruit’s newest addition to The Fields. The only thing that we can promise about Omelette is that it will offer a glittering soundtrack of colourful grooves playing out of the brand new Funktion 1 Evo 7. Make sure to catch Voilaaa Sound System, an African funk and disco project that is widely known for veering down unusual musical paths and are rumoured to deliver a live performance that is hailed as one of the best in the world when it comes to tropical vibes. Stick around for Aroop Roy, a Potato Head takeover, and more flavours that are all served over-easy and with extra toppings — who knows what will happen.   SUNDAY: A SUNRISE SET BY ACID PAULI AT SOLAR STAGE   Berlin-based Acid Pauli is, much like his name suggests, known for performances that are psychedelic, adventurous and full of musicality. A master architect of a journey that intersects mood and melancholia, the aesthetic of Acid Pauli’s music is free from the conventions that you’d expect to hear from electronic music. Blissed out and left-field, Acid Pauli’s addition to the Solar Stage programme is a welcome one, and for 3.5 hours he will immerse Wonderers into the wonderful and wacky world of Acid Pauli. SUNDAY: A LATE-NIGHT SET BY FOUR TET AND ANTAL AT SOLAR STAGE   Another artist deserving of legend status, Four Tet is a polymath musician that produces intelligent music for intelligent people. The must-see musical craftsman composes ambient, paradisiacal and pulsating electronica that digs deep into the pockets of electronic music that rarely see much airtime, yet remains bangin’ enough for a dance floor. His live show has been hailed by many as the best they’ve ever seen, and while we aren’t being treated to that at Wonderfruit, we are being blessed with 3.5 hours of syncopated harmony followed by Antal at the Solar Stage, an experience that lets artists explore their own musical spectrum to the fullest and deliver a performance that they might not be able to elsewhere. We are humbly aware that seeing Four Tet in this setting is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and are prepared to have our mind blown. SUNDAY: A DAYTIME PARTY AT THE QUARRY   Sunday, you read right. Collisions returns to the Quarry as an experience curated by Craig Richards and also as the de facto late night dance destination. This year it will also become the de facto day time dance destination for one afternoon, too — the party starts at noon on Sunday before finishing at 6pm. But Friday and Saturday are still full-on, with Richards upping the ante on his programming by booking Bobby Pleasure, Nick The Record, Felix Dickinson, Miss Powder and more. With his ear also turned on to the local underground scene, Richards has tapped local rising talent DOTT as part of his mostly-vinyl Saturday night schedule. But here’s where it gets interesting, Richards has decided not to announce any set times in an effort to get people to focus on the music and not the DJ. You never know with this guy, he might even hide the DJ booth. The only thing you can be sure of is that the Quarry will remit more multi-genre sounds than ever. Rave on!   SUNDAY: VIKEN ARMEN B2B BE SVENDSEN LIVE AT POLYGON   This one's for the burners. While both Be Svendsen and Viken Armen are playing solo sets at Polygon on Friday and Saturday respectively (don't miss them too), on Sunday evening they will join together to push the boundaries of anything they've ever done before. Taking full advantage of an upgraded 3D spatialised sound system, the Burning Man regulars will reimagine the sounds of the Playa as an experimental multi-sensory sound experience bolstered by immersive multi-sensory technology and the world's most advanced digital pyrotechnics. SUNDAY: SARO’S BEAT MAKING, MIXING, AND VOCAL PERFORMANCE AT SOT   There’s always someone that asks ‘where’s the hip-hop at?’ and we don’t necessarily have an answer to that. What we can do is tell them to find SOT, which won’t be hard since it’s the biggest and loudest stage on-site (strange, that), pumping out party-starting rap and hip-hop while serving up some of the best food in The Fields. Friday will see Def Jam takeover and Saturday is reserved for a Red Bull 3style showcase. But the real showdown happens Sunday when Saro, 26-year-old French winner of the 2018 Beatbox World Championship, unleashes his victorious take on trap, electro-pop and bass music by beatboxing his way through it. Saro is known to breaks the standards of the discipline and takes it to another dimension. SUNDAY: THE RAINBOW DISCO CLUB TAKEOVER AT FORBIDDEN FRUIT   I’ve never been to a festival in Japan, but if I did, I would go straight to Rainbow Disco Club. Not just for its reputation as being one of the most idyllic festivals in Japan, but also because they consistently book an all-star cast of dance music luminaries, so it's fitting that the collective is lauded as Japan’s dance music pot of gold. Rainbow Disco Club regulars like Kikiorix and Sisi are on the bill alongside Parisian-born Raphaël Top Secret, who probably got his name for his ability to discover obscure party hits, and “one of London’s best kept secrets” John Gomez, who will altogether provide the soundtrack for all the dancing, romancing and prancing that Sundays at the beautiful boudoir are known for. MONDAY: LA MAMIE’S CLOSING OUT THE SOLAR STAGE B2B WITH CAMION BAZAR FOR FIVE RAUCOUS HOURS   Free and uninhibited are words often used to describe French DJ collective La Mamie's. And after they dropped 2 Unlimited’s ‘Twilight Zone’ during a Boiler Room showcase at Shi Fu Miz Festival in Hong Kong last month while an actual mosh pit unfurl around them, and I made a mental note to catch them again for more free and uninhibited party power. Since evolving into a five-day affair, Monday mornings at Wonderfruit have taken on a special kind of vibe reserved for those who aren’t ready to say goodbye to The Fields. La Mamie’s promise to offer those diehards plenty of ‘one more song’ moments when they play b2b with Camion Baza for FIVE HOURS — we recommend changing your checkout to Tuesday. EVERYDAY: A DAILY SOUND AND LIGHT BATH AT POLYGON   Not your typical performance but if state-of-the-art sound, immersive experiences and holistic wellness excite you, then head to Polygon for a daily dose of Earth Echo. The sound healing project is co-created by designers, engineers, visual artists and sound healers who have collaborated on artistic audio and visual content around a central theme of ecological conservation, bringing about altered states of awareness from deep within our inner worlds. In short, it's a sound and light bath that will unfold under Polygon's 360º dome. Not just for dancing, the space doubles as a meditation zone where attendees can sit or lie down to experience a journey that combines healing scent dispersion, powerful ancient healing tools, spatialised vocals and carefully curated animal and wildlife sounds that are "chosen for their potential to trigger ancient memories, emotions and sensations; flooding the audiences' senses, allowing them to feel the reality of nature within and without."
10 November 2019
Keep it Cashless in The Fields with Bangkok Bank
We’re working with the clever characters at Bangkok Bank once again to bring back the ease and freedom of our cashless wristbands this December.   When you first arrive at Wonderfruit, we'll issue you a wristband. It's really important you keep it on for the whole weekend—we made it beautiful enough that we're sure you'll want to hold it close.   Think of your wristband as your wallet. With it, you can pay for everything in The Fields from food and drinks, to workshops and merchandise. It's easy, and you won’t have to wait long in queues to get important things done.   Adding funds to your wristband is easy, just head to one of the 13 Top-Up Stations scattered around The Fields, conveniently located near ATMs. We recommend topping up as soon as you get through the gates, so you don't have to think about it. Top up with cash, by debit card, or credit card (credit card top-ups will include a 3% surcharge). Before leaving the festival grounds for good, be sure to get a full refund for any unused credit at selected Top-Up Stations. Refunds are only available for cash top-ups, and your refund will be issued in cash. If it's all too hard to find, the app will help. Speaking of the app, it's coming soon.    This simple cashless payment system comes courtesy of Bangkok Bank, which is leading the way in designing technology that is both safe and convenient for now and the future. Thanks, Bangkok Bank. Nice one.  
8 November 2019
Where did you get your tickets to Wonderfruit 2019?
We get it: Wonderfruit is a hot ticket. Just be careful where you're clicking to snap yours up.   Heads up, Wonderers: we’ve noticed an influx of tickets being resold, and offered in places that aren't our official channels. Don't forget, our website in partnership with, and are the only places to find authorized tickets; Ticketmelon and Festicket are the only official third-party ticketing platforms for Wonderfruit 2019.    Tickets from any other source will not be valid for entry to the festival. That means no reselling platforms, no Facebook groups, and no back-alley transactions. Yes, we see you. Wonderfruit reserves the right to refuse entry and we cannot offer refunds or exchanges on tickets purchased from unauthorized sellers.    Here are some things you should know about Wonderfruit tickets: There are no physical tickets for sale. If it's printed, you can't buy it—and you can't use it to get in. You will need photo ID to get through the gates. The name on the ticket has to match the name on the ID. We have some friends and partners who are selling tickets via other platforms, like Rainforest Pavilion. If you aren't sure, ask—we will steer you right.   If your tickets have been purchased from an unofficial channel, we suggest that you reconcile with the seller directly and repurchase your ticket through our channel to guarantee entry. We want you to have the best experience possible and having a valid ticket guarantees a stress-free start to an incredible journey.   Find out more about our ticket types and phases in this handy guide.
3 November 2019
Indorama Ventures Is Creating a Stage From Your Plastic Bottles
Creature Stage is our newest performance space at Wonderfruit, debuting inside the ear of Living Village this December.   To make Creature Stage, we went back to the drawing board to completely reconstruct the idea of a main stage. We wanted the space to be a reflection of everything that we at Wonderfruit hold near and dear, from the function to the design to the sustainability practise.     Indorama Ventures had the ideal way to bring together all the elements we wanted to include, all in a vibrant and impactful way. As one of the country’s largest recyclers of PET plastics, Indorama Ventures are able to create recycled fibres that can be turned into vibrant, hard-wearing fabrics. Creature Stage will be decorated in stunning fashion by these fabrics—but we need your help.   This is where our #FeedTheCreature bins come in. Simply by depositing your PET plastic bottles and caps in the (quite pretty) Wonderfruit bins at Emquartier and Siam Paragon, you can contribute to Creature Stage and the recycled fabrics that will make it a standout feature of The Fields.     Look for the bright-coloured #FeedTheCreature bins in the following spots: Emquartier Food Hall, on B and G floors; Siam Paragon Food Hall, G floor.   It’s really easy: remove the cap from the bottle, put the bottle and cap in their own bins, and feel good about what you’ve done. The recycling enthusiasts at GEPP will collect everything, and send it on its way to start a new life. Your unwanted bottles will be recycled by Indorama Ventures, spun into fibres, and adorn our new stage as fabrics. The used caps will be sorted, cleaned, and crushed by Precious Plastics—becoming new objects at our Concept Lab workshops.   See the results of your generosity at Wonderfruit when Creature Stage comes to life from 12-16 Dec.
25 October 2019
Jim Thompson Makes Some Noise with Molam Bus
Classic Thai brand Jim Thompson is a torch-bearer for the style and culture of Isaan, Thailand’s proud Northeastern region. Their now-iconic Molam Bus celebrates exactly that, and we are so lucky to be able to host the big orange marvel in The Fields every year. The classic local bus, designed by Jiro Endo and Woraya Boonyapanachoti, is a glittering emblem of what makes Isaan tick.    Climb up on the roof for the perfect sunset selfie, get inside for a museum exhibit dedicated to the power of Molam as a cultural force for good, and flex from the soul with free Fon Isaan dance workshops. Return every afternoon for an upcountry party like no other, buzzing with the rhythms and sound of Molam, Luk Thung, and regional variations.    The musical backdrop is provided by local idol Chalermpol Malakham and Junlaholaan Band, sharing tunes ranging from times gone by to the future sounds of this traditional form. As the night creeps in, stay a while to experience the full spectrum of color, flavor, and vibes a countryside disco can offer—all put together on a stage outfitted in vibrant, handmade Jim Thompson fabrics upcycled for a second life.
24 October 2019
Bubblin’ with Singha the Fizzy Bar
Singha takes pride of place in The Fields with Ziggurat, an upcycled beer garden for rest and refreshment. As a proudly Thai brand with a pioneering spirit, there has always been more to Singha than tall cups of an iconic beer.   This is where Singha the Fizzy Bar comes into the picture. Within the geometric, elevated forms of Ziggurat sits a bar dedicated to another of Singha’s creations: the effervescent, bubbly excitement of Singha Soda Water. The new bar shines a spotlight on creative cocktails of both the alcoholic and non-alcoholic kind, all created by a proudly Thai, pioneering bartender: Niks Anuman-Rajadhon.   Wherever you travel in the world, ask a bartender who they know in Thailand and the answer will likely be Niks. Since bursting onto the scene ten years ago, the energetic and charming Niks has made his presence known through his catering, distribution, and events businesses and two of Bangkok’s most beloved watering holes: Teens of Thailand and Asia Today. Teens of Thailand is the first ever gin bar in the country, opened to much fanfare in 2015 in a grungy back alley of Chinatown. Asia Today, a foraging-focused rum bar, followed three years later in the alleyway directly opposite—although Niks and co-owner Gunn Lee go to great lengths to create distance between the two establishments, even going as far as to emblazon the walls of Asia Today with a neon reading “This bar is better than Teens of Thailand”.   Niks’ contribution to the menu at Singha the Fizzy Bar express why his bars and businesses continue to enjoy popular success. The two creative concoctions combine Thai flavours, fresh ingredients and Singha Soda Water.      ‘Singha Siam’ is a herbacious, non-alcoholic refresher made with grape, lime and tiger ear—a fragrant local herb with a minty, oregano finish. The punchy mix is then topped off with Singha Soda Water and served over ice. The perfect cool down in the midst of The Fields.     ‘Singha Sunrise’ is a local twist on the classic gin cocktail, shaking Thai tea-infused gin with lime and bitters before topping up with Singha Soda Water. It’s a colorful, classic cocktail that makes the most of the zesty, silky flavor of Thai tea.   Experience a new way to refresh at Singha the Fizzy Bar at Ziggurat with Singha, and meet the man behind the menu when Niks Anuman-Rajadhon steps up to the bar to mix his original creations from 7-9:30pm on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
15 October 2019
No Single-use Cups at Wonderfruit
The most popular item that ends up in our waste each year is cups. Single-use cups. So our solution is simple: no single-use cups at Wonderfruit. This time, you'll need to bring your own (or buy one from us).   Wondercup (dune): BUY NOW   Wondercup (cacao): BUY NOW   Wondercup (steel): BUY NOW   Our pop-up city is a beautiful place, surrounded by a natural environment we wouldn’t trade for the world. For all the beauty and good feelings Wonderfruit creates, it also generates waste. Tons of waste. 33 tons last year alone. Much of that waste is packaging—the compostable and biodegradable plates, cutlery, and cups you wine and dine from. These materials are returned to nature, but that doesn’t solve the main problem; we still have too much waste. To address this, we need to all work together.     From this December, every Wonderer must bring their own cup. You’ll need to carry your cup with you for every drink: your morning coffee, breakfast smoothie, afternoon juice or evening libation. Bring your cup, keep it close at hand, and take it home when you’re done wondering.   This is a change, and we need everyone to understand what it means.   NO CUP, NO SERVICE   That’s the simple version. We’ve put a lot of thought into how this will work, and we are making the refill life as easy for you as possible. If you don’t have a reusable cup, you won’t be able to order a drink.   BRING YOUR OWN CUP, OR BUY ONE FROM US (AND SAVE ON DRINKS)   Any 16-ounce (pint) cup that is made for reuse is welcome at Wonderfruit: stainless steel, enamel, recycled plastic—there are some stylish options available out there. But please, no glass. If your cup is bigger than 16 ounces (473ml), bring it anyway. The vendors and bartenders will just leave a little room at the top. If you want to save 10% on alcoholic beverages throughout Wonderfruit, grab a Wondercup.     A TASTY DISCOUNT ON DRINKS WITH WONDERCUP   Meet our range of Wondercups. Each is a 16-ounce, refillable, portable, stylish vessel made from either stainless steel or rice husk, ready to slake your thirst in The Fields. Order your own Wondercup now, collect it at Wonderfruit, and rock a refill all weekend long. Prices start from 500 THB, or 600 THB at the gate. We'll reward you with 10% off alcohol at all bars at Wonderfruit.   Wondercup (dune): BUY NOW   Wondercup (cacao): BUY NOW   Wondercup (steel): BUY NOW     There will be wash stations throughout The Fields, and you can also refill with fresh water any time you need to hydrate along the way.   WHAT IS A SINGLE-USE CUP?   A single-use cup is a cup that you don’t care about. It is designed to be used for one drink, and then disposed of.   Here’s an easy test: does your cup bend when you squeeze it? If it bends, It’s not made for refill, and it’s not made for Wonderfruit.   A refill cup: Is made of sturdy stuff (but not glass or ceramic). Doesn’t flex when squeezed. Gets washed, not thrown away. Is 16-ounce / 473ml / a pint.   Carry your cup everywhere you go, and together we can reduce tons of waste from Wonderfruit. We want to encourage everyone to rethink how waste is created, handled, and perceived in our world. It’s part of our thoughtful economy, replacing the disposable culture of convenience that has created the problems we all must solve.
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