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The time is now
We only have now, to run wild with our thoughts
To climb hills and dig holes and conquer the views
To give hugs, to shout in furious tones
We only have now to see and believe
Escape from the perils or race them freely
To ask questions and ponder
To seize the moment
To plant seeds that grow into magnificent fruit
We only have now, to

Live, Love and Wonder
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Accommodation at Wonderfruit
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From the Wonderpost
16 Jun 2019
Wonder Room at Hotel Art Fair 2019
Hotel Art Fair takes over W Bangkok from 22 to 23 June and we are creating our own little world within it. Step out of the city and into the Wonder Room.   Our environment is becoming compromised as human development takes over the natural world. Wonderfruit exists to appreciate the beauty and mystery of the planet, while finding ways to stir the mind, body and soul to act for nature. This room invites you to wonder what actions you can take to make things better.    Wonder Room features a meditative, immersive light installation by Matteo Masservy, the man behind the wondrous lighting of Forbidden Fruit and Theatre Stage. His dancing projected particles will transport you into the natural world, as you discover other familiar elements from Wonderfruits of the past, including Pearl and Celeste, Nice Monster’s celestial and ocean puppets made from reclaimed plastics and fabrics.   Join us in the Wonder Room, hang out with the team, grab a drink from the bath, deliciously concocted by Bootleggers, and discover how art compels you to think differently about the natural world. Plus, get 15% off Full Passes for Wonderfruit 2019 with our HAF flash sale.   #HAF19 takes place from 11am to 11pm on Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 June at W Bangkok. Find out more here.
15 May 2019
Accommodation at Wonderfruit
You can now book a selection of our most popular accommodation options, so let us help you make your choice with this definitive guide on where to lay your head in The Fields.   By far the best way to immerse yourself in the full experience is to stay on site at Wonderfruit. Bring your own tent and pitch it in our General Camping zone for 600 baht, which covers you for the whole duration. One General Camping pass grants you one wristband, which must be worn to enter the General Camping zone. Here you'll find toilets, showers and refilling stations for your water bottles too. When you arrive, simply pick up your wristband, find a space and pitch your tent. Pro tip: the General Camping pass goes up to 900 baht on the door, so best to book in advance.  Like the idea of camping but don't want the hassle of bringing all the kit? Allow us to introduce our brand new, sustainable and stress-free General Camping PLUS option. Just show up and kick back in your pre-pitched box tent. Specially designed by KarTent in The Netherlands, it's a recyclable solution to the thousands of leftover tents that end up in landfill after festivals every year. Made from high-quality cardboard with long wood fibers, your home for four nights is totally waterproof and keeps out the sun, for nice long lie-ins. It's 12,000 baht, including a double air mattress and sleeping bags and allows access for two people to both the General Camping and the General Camping PLUS zones, which each have their own showers, toilets and water stations. Personalize and decorate yours, take it home at the end or leave it for us to recycle. If you're looking for convenience AND luxury, may we present: Boutique Camping. Head for the dedicated entrance and car park, and pick up your Boutique Camping access wristbands. From here, settle into your beautiful on-site home. The Boutique Camping area has its own toilets, showers and drinking water stations for communal use, and all accommodation options are fully furnished with beds, linens and towels. Here are your choices:   Boutique RV For all the fun, luxury and security of campervanning without having to drive, a Boutique RV awaits you with one double bed and two single bunk beds, its own toilet and shower plus a fridge, microwave and air conditioning, all for 70,000 baht for the whole festival.   Introducing: Safari Duo Newly decorated for this year, our re-dubbed Safari Duo is a luxurious retreat for two. With air conditioning and a ready-made king-size bed, it'll keep you and your partner-in-crime cool and comfy, all for 50,000 baht for all four nights.   Bell Tents Stocked with two double beds and fresh linen and towels, our Bell Tents sleep up to four people. Stay cool with air conditioning for 40,000 baht or chill out with a fan for 30,000 baht for four nights All Safari Duos and Bell Tents have a secure lock box and a power point for the lamp and your phone charger.   For more information and bookings, check out our Accommodations page. More info on additional options is coming soon.
1 May 2019
Wonderfruit Tickets 101
Hey Wonderers, here's a handy heads up on all the tickets types and phases coming up for Wonderfruit 2019.   From Phase 1 onwards, you can grab a Full Pass for all four days of Wonder, or a Weekend Pass, which gives you access from 8am on Saturday. Sunday Passes, which get you in from 8am on Sunday, land in November.   As you can see, we have a tiered ticketing system, which corresponds to our phases:       Basically, the sooner you book, the cheaper your ticket. That's because early bookers really help us to plan, book and schedule our killer content. By booking early, you're showing your loyalty and your faith in us and we want to reward you for that with savings.   Speaking of savings, make sure you're not getting scammed or buying tickets from unauthorized sources; find out more here.
12 Apr 2019
In the news: Why Asia’s Answer To Coachella Is Much Better Than The Original
In The Independent on 12 April 2019, Paul Kay explained what makes Wonderfruit stand out from the crowd:    It’s 5am on a Sunday morning in mid-December, but the bar is heaving like it’s five minutes to midnight on New Year’s Eve. To my left, a man in a glittering multicoloured kaftan and a ludicrously ornate sequinned sergeant’s hat is knocking back shots of Mekhong spirit with a petite girl dressed in a Day-Glo cheongsam, fluorescent face paint and flashing antennae. To my right, a shoeless red-faced man in a giraffe costume is alternately sipping on a ruby-hued concoction and nibbling on a date skewered by a pencil-sized piece of bamboo.   “You should have a negroni,” says the giraffe in a thick Russian accent that I can just about hear over the pounding sound system. “They’re very good.” I nod in appreciation and order up my drink before ferrying it as carefully as I can through the writhing mass of merrymakers and out into the cool night air.   With the first hints of light starting to infiltrate the inky sky, I make my way towards the throbbing glow of the geometric pyramid on the hill, dodging a neon-lit angel on a unicorn-shaped bike and a quartet of Indian-headdress-sporting revellers in a giant shark on wheels along the way. So ends another eventful day at Thailand’s Wonderfruit, the festival that’s threatening to give hedonism in Asia a good name.   Frequently compared to US mega festivals Coachella and Burning Man, Wonderfruit has been held annually, on a verdant stretch of land two hours’ drive south of Bangkok, since 2014. Running continuously for four days, it serves up a round-the-clock line-up of top-notch DJs (mass market EDM doesn’t get a look in, thankfully) and offbeat musical mavericks (from Mongolian throat singing to drum and bass legend Goldie backed by an eight-piece orchestra) at a variety of weird and wonderful stages.   But the music is only half the story. The festival also features an extensive programme of TED-style talks by everyone from blockchain boffins to eco warriors, workshops that run the gamut from batik scarf design to probiotic cookery, and activities as diverse as capoeira, crystal bowl meditation and orgasmic yoga. This is all underpinned by a wholehearted commitment to sustainability, with virtually every structure made from recycled, reclaimed or reusable materials – in 2017, this included a stage made out of parcels of rice that were given away and eaten after the festival – while the event’s filtered drinking water is drawn from an on-site lake and single-use plastics are outlawed. Call it conscientious hedonism. This is my second year as a “Wonderer”, but any sense of deja vu is quickly dispelled by the festival’s move to a sprawling new setting about a mile from its original location. The site has a cornucopia of natural features that the organisers have used to create quirky stages, art installations and chill-out zones in the jungle, in secluded valleys and even on a lake. Indeed, there are so many nooks and crannies to explore that I find myself making new discoveries all the way through to the last night, when a strange green glow emanating from a small patch of forest leads me to a clearing where people are belting out karaoke (”Dancing Queen” and “I Want It That Way”) while perched in the branches of a brightly illuminated tree. Despite its growth, the festival remains relatively small (around 17,000 people attended the most recent edition), meaning that it’s easy to get involved in anything that takes your fancy – which I gladly do by having my molecules stirred by sound waves at a gong-bath session before stretching out the previous night’s dancefloor exertions with some deep-house yoga.   There’s also a wide array of food and drink options – from lavish feasts curated by noted chefs to all the grab-and-go comfort foods you could ever want – as well as a family area, a massage zone and an array of aquatic activities. Accommodation options range from bring-your-own tents to the lavish Camp Kerala, which has its own spa, restaurant and 24-hour butler service. But wherever you lay your hat, it’s music that drives the festival, and I spend most of my time wandering from stage to stage discovering new favourites every step of the way.   My standout moments are seeing Fleetmac Wood – a US duo who reimagine Fleetwood Mac songs for the chemical generation – almost blowing the roof off of a giant bamboo hut with a stage backdropped by illuminated jungle, and Meute, an 11-piece German marching band playing techno classics as the sun sets. I also have a borderline religious experience at the audiophile heaven that is the mighty Polygon stage, which has bone-shaking 3D virtual-reality sound, and dance the night away with 2,000 others at the forest-set Quarry, before watching the sun come up over the festival’s Burning Man-inspired pyramidical centrepiece, the Solar Stage.   Ultimately, the greatest thing about Wonderfruit is the amazing array of choices that present themselves at any given moment during the festival’s non-stop 92-hour runtime, whether you want to party, explore, chill or seek enlightenment. But whatever you do, make sure your try the negronis. That giraffe was right.   Find Paul Kay's original article (including a fun video of all the action) here.
1 Apr 2019
Where did you get your tickets to Wonderfruit 2019?
We get it: Wonderfruit is a hot ticket. Just be careful where you're clicking to snap yours up.   Heads up, Wonderers: we’ve noticed an influx of tickets being resold at a higher price than on our official channels. Don't forget, our website in partnership with is the only place to find authorized tickets; Ticketmelon is the only official third-party ticketing platform for Wonderfruit 2019.    Besides being more expensive, tickets from any other source may not be valid for entry to the festival. Wonderfruit reserves the right to refuse entry and we cannot offer refunds or exchanges on tickets purchased from unauthorized sellers.    If your tickets have been purchased from an unofficial channel, we suggest that you reconcile with the seller directly and repurchase your ticket through our channel to guarantee entry. We want you to have the best experience possible and having a valid ticket guarantees a stress-free start to an incredible journey.   Find out more about our ticket types and phases in this handy guide.
5 Mar 2019
Storyteller wanted: join the Wonderfruit team
Want to be part of Team Wonderfruit? We’re looking for a creative, highly driven new member of staff to manage and create diverse content and tell Wonderfruit’s stories in a range of ways.   We’re seeking an innovative communicator with exceptional written and spoken English (required) to work with all the Wonderfruit teams and partners to craft, create and develop Wonderfruit’s voice, tone and ethos and to communicate its news and messages across multiple channels and a variety of media.   Here’s what the role entails:   Creating brand’s content and managing updates: Website: Working with all teams to write, edit, and update all website content. This includes uploading content and image assets through website backend via Wordpress and content creation for ticketing pages for local and regional ticketing platforms. Wonderpost: Working with all teams including content, marketing and partnerships to develop online magazine (Wonderpost) articles to inform, educate and entertain existing and potential audiences. Wonder App: Creating and updating mobile app-specific content including notifications. Social media: Working with digital marketing team to create social media content across multiple channels, including developing scripts and directing Facebook Live episodes. Podcast: Creating, recording, editing and producing Wondercast episodes featuring interviews with content partners.   Creating PR & marketing materials: Working directly with marketing team to create strategic messaging for online (Facebook, Instagram, SEM) and offline ads (print, out-of-home), and EDMs.   Working directly with PR team and PR companies locally and regionally to create, edit and revise press releases. Working directly with sponsorship and marketing team to help create and update pitch decks for sponsors and partners locally and regionally.   Creating collateral for on-site signage or activations: Working with content, marketing, logistics and graphics team to create on site signage and printouts for the event. Working with marketing and art and design teams to plan and create content for yearly print Wonderpost.     Communicating with Wonderers: Managing and responding to email inquiries and Facebook inbox. Working with all teams to create customer feedback surveys and gathering, collating and presenting responses/learnings. Working with digital marketing team to create Wonderfruit newsletter content.   And here’s the sort of team member we’re looking for: Creative thinker who can generate on-message content and communications effectively and efficiently with/for marketing and other creative teams. Good operational and process orientation; strong project management and organizational abilities. Excellent communication skills - written and verbal - required in English across all organizational levels. An understanding of trends and the nature of events. You have already experienced Wonderfruit and believe in its ethos.   If you think you’ve got what it takes to be part of the Wonderfruit team, please send your application in English including a cover letter and CV to
4 Feb 2019
Our ethos: what we believe and how we live it
“We encourage, develop and innovate creative solutions for sustainable living and bring together a global community to celebrate them. We use our platform to catalyze creativity and make a meaningful positive impact.”   That’s our mission statement, folks.    What we’re saying is that we want to show that living sustainably can be easy, fun... even decadent, to explore what that means, and bring people together from all over the world to explore and enjoy the ways it can be possible. At Wonderfruit, you’ll find yourself climbing on or dancing beneath stages and structures that are not only innovative and eye-catching, but built from sustainable materials or with cutting-edge design techniques that eliminate the need for nuts and bolts. We encourage indulgence and champion comfort, and we do it responsibly. We’ve had world class chefs create sumptuous feasts using some ingredients from our onsite farm; we insist all our food vendors serve their delicious goodies on biodegradable plates, we filter your drinking water from our lake and we reward you for reusing your cups.   We offset our carbon in a number of different ways and we are always investigating ways we can go further and be carbon positive. We work with experts who are at the cutting edge of innovative solutions like these and we invite some of them to speak at Wonderfruit, so you can discover and explore these ideas too. In all these and many other ways, we use Wonderfruit as an opportunity to get people excited about sustainable living and feel inspired to make changes in the world.
3 Feb 2019
In the news: The Best Festivals in the World for 2019 according to Conde Nast
Condé Nast Traveller really cares about festival goers. To prove it, they published an incredibly comprehensive article rounding up all the unmissable gatherings, journeys and celebrations that 2019 has to offer all around the world, and guess who they included? Here's what they had to say about Wonderfruit:   WONDERFRUIT, PATTAYA, THAILAND 12-16 December 2019   This four-day eco-friendly festival prides itself on being completely sustainable. With a zero-plastic policy, no plastic is allowed on site but rest-assured all the tableware are compostable, the cups are made from bagasse and the water is filtrated. Wonderfruit Festival (pictured above) shines a light on the blurring between sustainability and art. The stages are made from locally sourced materials and showcase powerful visual installations. Expect Glastonbury vibes, alt-R&B performers and kid-friendly activities such as magic shows and kite-making classes (using reusable materials of course). Genre: music (multi-genre)   Check out the full article here. Happy festival-going.  
2 Feb 2019
In the news: Ab Rogers Designs A Series Of Sustainable Structures For Wonderfruit
In this article from December 2018, Philip Stevens of designboom breaks down the creations built by Ab Rogers and his team in The Fields. Note: in a nod to designboom's signature style, we've maintained their disdain for capital letters in this re-posted version of the article.    from december 13-16, 2018, the hills west of pattaya on the gulf of thailand hosted a carbon neutral four-day celebration of the arts. this year’s edition of ‘wonderfruit’, which designboom previewed in october, features a series of sustainable structures by ab rogers design. these interventions celebrate the region’s indigenous craft, using local materials and a family of red finishes to complement the area’s lush greenery.   ‘the masterplanning for the site has been evolved to hold dialog with its context — the landscape and its adjacencies,’ explains ab rogers design. ‘its forms have been derived from a collection of sensual radiating circles that connect the different activities in sympathy with to the fact that sound does not move in lines but circles and as a metaphor for sustainability, which underpins every element of the brief.’   the masterplan for wonderfruit 2018 comprises three primary aspects: the eco pavilion, the theatre of feasts, and the bath house. described as a temporary structure that can appear and disappear at will, the eco pavilion consists of 124 hand-made, hand-painted cotton umbrellas in shades of red, pink, and orange sheltering a man-made crater. the structure is capable of hosting a range of programs, from lectures and events, with the audience sheltered in the shade of the umbrellas. meanwhile, the theatre of feasts is a permanent structure designed around the ritual of eating. fully open to the elements, its roof is woven from palm leaves to keep diners cool. a hole in the center acts like a sundial, maintaining connection to the wider site and the shifting light of the day passing outside. inside, an uninterrupted circular table curls its way around the perimeter of the tent, allowing 275 people to dine together under the giant bamboo dome.   in the center of this ring of tables is a kitchen made from stained red bamboo, which establishes a performative relationship between the chefs, the diners, and structure that contains them. under foot a dusty orange pebble floor creates a tangible sense of arrival, of crossing a threshold into a warm, vibrant and intimate social space. this giant tent is concealed by re-used fabrics. nearby, the bath house has been conceived as an oasis of calm, with dedicated environments that support drinking, bathing, performing, relaxation, massage, and contemplation. made up of a connected network of pontoons and floating pavilions, inspired by thai fishing villages, it offers an opportunity for quiet reflection, taking visitors on a journey through the power of water via various nurturing bathing rituals. each structure one has been designed to filter light out or let in an optimal amount light, depending on the treatment it hosts. Check out the original article, including lots more gorgeous pictures of these amazing creations, here.
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