2020 Update
Wonderfruit 2020 has been postponed
Everything you need to know about Wonderfruit 2020, what to do with your tickets, and next steps.
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Wonder From Home
Stories and ideas to expand your space
Tips, instructions, recipes, videos, and podcasts from the Wonderfruit network, to inspire isolated Wonderers.
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News from the world of Wonderfruit
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Thoughtful items to take home from The Fields
From Scratch is the official Wonderfruit store, aimed at capturing memories from The Fields and landing them in your home year-round.

As our world is changing, we are all searching for our community. For people, minds, ideas, and organisations to believe in, be inspired by, and grow within.

We align with what we believe, represent, and aspire to. Wonderfruit engages the curious through thoughtful arts and culture, to encourage, develop and innovate meaningful, relationships with ourselves and nature.

Inside this endeavour are endless stories to tell, experiences to explore, cultures to connect with, and thoughts to discover.

We continue to evolve and create new ways for all to wonder.