Communal banquets with culinary stars, for you and 200 of your closest friends.

Wonder Feasts are an essential part of Wonderfruit—so much so, they’re part of the pillars we live by. We believe great food can be enjoyed without harming the planet, and the many talented Wonder Feast chefs agree. From Michelin-starred celebrities to local legends, international culinary stars bring their flair and flavour to the Theatre of Feasts.

Inside the open-air dining hall, ingredients and technique take centre stage. In front of an audience of diners, chefs are issued the challenge of not only considering their impact but also creating cuisine that is original and sustainable, all from a temporary kitchen. The results are communal, 200-person banquets that outshine their surroundings.

Small-scale dining with experimental flavours and inventive dishes.

Wonder Kitchen is an intimate chef’s table within Wonderfruit, where the spotlight is on the flavours and techniques of local chefs. Food leans into the experimental and dishes trend towards daring. Chefs discuss between courses, serving knowledge alongside the main event to a table of just 24 lucky diners.

The open-sided sala of Wonder Kitchen houses the Wonder Kitchen Bar, a welcoming counter where bartenders and mixologists create low-impact, sustainably-sourced cocktails and concoctions. Daily workshops take a closer look at food and drinks, highlighting ingredients deserving of a second look.