Carbon Calculator
Carbon Calculator
Work out the impact of your travel to Wonderfruit, and restore the carbon your journey created.
Wonderers come to our pop-up city from far and wide, converging together on The Fields as a diverse community of every style, each journey an individual experience of moving. The personal impact can be profound; the environmental impact, significant.
Before you arrive, we’re giving every inhabitant of The Fields the chance to minimize the carbon output their travel generates. And we’ve made it easy. Work out your carbon emissions with our calculator, and make up for your trip with simple credits.
How to make your journey carbon-neutral
Building The Fields from scratch takes a lot. A lot of time, a lot of creativity, a lot of effort, and a lot of resources. With every element of Wonderfruit, our first consideration is what the environmental impact will be and how we can minimize it. What we can’t reduce, we restore through carbon offset programs.
Our carbon footprint is not just our own. From contractors to suppliers, manufacturers and vendors, we consider the impact of the entire Wonderfruit ecosystem from long before the gates open. That includes you, and how you get here.

Transport is our largest source of emissions. The millions of kilometers it takes to move equipment, resources, staff and musicians to Wonderfruit from around the world contribute more than 1,300 tons of CO2 to the atmosphere. We take steps to make up for that, but there’s no avoiding the fact: it’s a lot.
Flying emits far more carbon than you realize. A one-way flight from Singapore to Bangkok in economy class contributes 210kg per passenger to the atmosphere. That doesn’t mean driving is any better—covering the same distance in a car adds almost 300kg of CO2. The further you have to travel, the higher those numbers climb.

For the first time at Wonderfruit, we are giving every visitor the chance to make a difference by removing their emissions from the atmosphere via a carbon sink. Whether you are driving from Bangkok or flying from abroad, every kilometer covered means carbon released. It’s time to plant some trees.
Ready to make your travel carbon-neutral?