A 360-degree experience of hyper definition spatialized sound and visuals.

Polygon Live brings together futuristic sensory technology that synchronizes touch, holographic visuals and surround sound, to immerse Wonderers in electronic world music soundscapes.

The 25-meter polygonal structure uses 3D virtual-reality sound technology from L-acoustics, synced with lights and beats by sublime line up of underground DJs and artists from near and far.

Wonder Facts


After the success of last year’s artists who created soundtracks that were perfectly synched with 360-degree light and visuals, even more of the Polygon line up will be getting in the studio before hitting The Fields this year, to create yet more 3D audio experiences.


Learn more about Polygon Live, its origins and technology and see it in action. Get a sense of the sensory sensations and musical journeys we’ve had in years past.