Communal banquets with culinary stars, for you and 200 of your closest friends.

Settle in for a large-scale, long-table dining experience that challenges local and international chefs to give it their all, and welcomes Wonderers to connect over world-class cuisine.

From Michelin-starred celebrities to local legends, every chef is the leading star in a performance of food—featuring open air kitchens, real ingredients, creative dishes, and new flavours.


Wonder Facts


The Theatre of Feasts is designed by Ab Rogers Studio as a single, communal dining hall in a circular format. A single table arcs around a central kitchen, with no breaks in the surface. At one table, every diner feels at home with their hundreds of tablemates—so we built bamboo step bridges over the table instead of cuts in between. Committed.


The clue is in the name; this open-air dining room is all about putting the chefs on show. The kitchen is the focal point of the architectural concept, with diners surrounding the lead performers as they experiment and design the dishes in real time. Why can’t chefs get the same attention as rockstars?


Feasts are a staple of the Wonderfruit program. See how visiting chefs explore our Farm to Feasts ethos, and how Wonderers find their community at the long table.