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Moongazing at Moonlight Lounge with SangSom

28 พฤศจิกายน 2562 | Wonderfruit

Wonderfruit is ruled by the sun. Sunrise and sunset are celebrated in steamy gatherings and blistering sets at Solar Stage, mornings are for wellness activities and the coming together of families, and afternoons are a chance to pause and recharge.


When the sun goes down, the tone shifts and the night owls find their home on dance floors and dining halls throughout The Fields. After dark, it’s the moon’s turn to call the shots.


Settle in under the welcoming canopy of Moonlight Lounge, lay back, and stare at the moon through the evening hours with a Thai-style rum. SangSom is as recognizably Thai as any plate of Pad Thai or finely-woven silks. 


SangSom’s Moonlight Lounge menu includes that most Thai of imbibable inventions: the bucket. Get your own limited edition Moonlight Lounge bucket and save on refills throughout the weekend.


Try rum the local way and get closer to the orb that owns the night.