Chase The Sunset at Baan Ziggurat with Singha

16 December 2020 | Wonderfruit

Ziggurat (noun). An architectural form resembling stepped pyramids. 


Seems like an odd name for a bar, but it makes sense at Baan Ziggurat with Singha—the place where beats, beers, and BBQ converge in a lounge dedicated to all the moments in between.


Bathed in red light, and protected by leopards (Leo Beer’s stoic ambassador), the lively venue is a comfortable array of squares, occupying a prime location in The Fields. Passersby are drawn into the glowing, welcoming space outfitted with cushions, sofas, and rugs, and housing everything you need for an early (or late) evening in the cool winter air.


From fresh Singha, Leo, and Bussaba Ex-Weisse on tap, to grilled goods from the team at 100 Mahaseth and ping pong tables for good measure, this is a reimagined beer garden for everyone. Park up with a pint and watch the pros (and less-than-pros) strut their skate stuff on the half pipe, or get up and move to the urban soundtrack provided by DJs familiar with the sounds of the city’s biggest clubs.


Deposit your empties in the giant Leo can out front and watch the recycling magic happen in front of your eyes. Try your luck and skills on the skate ramp built by the team from Nostar DIY, and painted by LA graffiti legend Mister Cartoon.


Baan Ziggurat with Singha is open whenever The Fields are open, pouring pints and cracking cans until it’s time to head home for the day.