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Deepening our relationship with mind and nature


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Saturday 7 January

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Monday 20 November

We align with what we believe, represent, and aspire to. Wonderfruit engages the curious through thoughtful arts and culture to encourage, develop and innovate meaningful relationships with ourselves and nature. Learn more about how we segment this and how it’s applied to what we do:


Our Ethos


At Wonderfruit, we encourage, develop and innovate creative solutions for mind and nature. We explore art and culture to catalyze growth.


Our approach to design


From venues to art installations, our builds are imaginatively put together using environmentally innovative materials brought to The Fields.


Where waste goes


By sorting, composting, recycling and upcycling with several partners, we divert more than 95% of all waste at Wonderfruit from ending up in a landfill.


We’re carbon neutral


We take a responsible stance towards our carbon emissions every year. We always offset what we can’t reduce and have been certified since 2017.


Our single-use stance


We avoid single-use items where we can and experiment with new alternatives. In 2019, we banned single-use cups altogether and used 200,000 fewer single-use cups.


Engaging our community


By activating our community who share this vision through activities like design competitions and participatory music initiatives.