You drank, we planted… What’s next?

17 July 2017 | Wonderfruit

In February, we offered Wonderers the chance to take their environmental impact into their own hands by enjoying a drink. Every special “mangrove drink” sold at Wonderfruit corresponded with a mangrove tree planted in Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park in Myanmar, which has lost 75% of its mangroves due to rampant deforestation. In fact, we rounded up and invested in 10,000 trees in order to ensure Wonderfruit was carbon positive – a pioneering investment in the world’s most vital asset class: natural capital.

WorldView International Foundation is now planting a total of 700,000 seedlings during the monsoon season, with three million targeted in 2018 in two areas with new nurseries. The long term mission is to restore one billion mangroves in Myanmar to make a tangible impact on climate, ecology, and communities. Each mangrove tree sequesters up to a tonne of CO2 over 20 years, and has multiplier impact in community, climate, and biodiversity.

This year, we’re demonstrating the value of natural capital even more tangibly with our plans to pay selected artists and collaborators in trees or, more accurately, TREEs. Heyerdahl Climate Pioneers (TREE) is a digital token (or cryptocurrency) backed by natural capital. 1 TREE = 1 mangrove planted on 1 sqm in Thor Heyerdahl Climate Park, and will be backed by carbon credits shared with local communities.

You can find out more about the benefits and value of each mangrove here, and join us in investing in nature by purchasing TREE with Lykke Wallet. For the price of an iPhone, you can be Climate Positive for life, while producing 1000-fold community, climate and biodiversity co-benefits. For updates, please sign up at

May the forest be with you.