Our ethos: what we believe and how we live it

4 February 2019 | Wonderfruit

“We encourage, develop and innovate creative solutions for sustainable living and bring together a global community to celebrate them. We use our platform to catalyze creativity and make a meaningful positive impact.”


That’s our mission statement, folks. 


What we’re saying is that we want to show that living sustainably can be easy, fun… even decadent, to explore what that means, and bring people together from all over the world to explore and enjoy the ways it can be possible.

At Wonderfruit, you’ll find yourself climbing on or dancing beneath stages and structures that are not only innovative and eye-catching, but built from sustainable materials or with cutting-edge design techniques that eliminate the need for nuts and bolts.

We encourage indulgence and champion comfort, and we do it responsibly. We’ve had world class chefs create sumptuous feasts using some ingredients from our onsite farm; we insist all our food vendors serve their delicious goodies on biodegradable plates, we filter your drinking water from our lake and we reward you for reusing your cups.  

We offset our carbon in a number of different ways and we are always investigating ways we can go further and be carbon positive. We work with experts who are at the cutting edge of innovative solutions like these and we invite some of them to speak at Wonderfruit, so you can discover and explore these ideas too.

In all these and many other ways, we use Wonderfruit as an opportunity to get people excited about sustainable living and feel inspired to make changes in the world.