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Fruitfull House Rules

4 November 2020 | Wonderfruit
Image Courtesy of the James H.W. Thompson Foundation


Jim Thompson House is a historic landmark for Thailand. We feel really privileged to have the chance to bring a public event to the space, which isn’t an opportunity offered lightly.


To keep the house looking the way it always has, we have a few easy rules for Fruitfull visitors to follow:


  1. This is a cashless event. Your RFID wristband grants access to the event spaces, and is your way to pay for everything inside. Visit the top up stations to add value to your wristband, and get a refund on your way out.
  2. No outside food or drinks inside the event. There’s plenty here already.
  3. Bring your ID with you to pre-register upon arrival. Thai photo ID or government-issued passports are accepted. Once you pre-register, we’ll swap your ticket for a cashless wristband that you can use to pay for everything inside the event.
  4. No pets are allowed on the grounds or in the spaces. 
  5. No smoking inside the venue. The house is a collection of historic wooden buildings, so this one should be obvious. Take your smoke break outside.
  6. No drones, pro camera gear, or weapons.
  7. Fruitfull reserves the right to allow or not allow entry to any participant without reason.
  8. No single-use plastics permitted inside the event.
  9. If you have parked at the Siam Motors parking building, make sure you get your parking ticket stamped at the event before you return to your car.
  10. Sort your waste. We’re providing bins for everything, please do your part by separating food waste, recycling, plates and packaging, coconuts, and non-recyclables.
  11. Bring an empty belly and an open mind.
  12. Pace yourself—there’s a lot to see, do, taste, and sample.


Ticket rules:

This is the serious stuff that ticket holders should familiarize themselves with. 


  • Official Fruitfull tickets can only be purchased online via Ticketmelon or at the gate. Tickets from unauthorized sources will not be accepted.
  • General admission tickets grant access to the event and overall grounds at Jim Thompson House Museum. This includes the pop-up kitchens, talad and market, workshops and activities, street food, and bars.
  • Tickets to reserved experiences, such as masterclasses, chef’s tables, and toh Jeen Chinese banquet tables must be purchased in advance in order to participate. 
  • All online tickets will be exchanged for a Fruitfull cashless wristband upon entering.
  • Replacement of damaged wristbands will incur additional charges.
  • By purchasing a ticket, you agree to all terms and conditions.
  • All sales are final. 


Arrive early, and come hungry. It’s going to be an adventure.





Terms and conditions



(By Scratch First, Co., Ltd. production)


This message is important and must be read by customers purchasing a ticket to attend FRUITFULL AT JIM THOMPSON HOUSE MUSEUM. The customer shall read, understand and agree to accept the terms and conditions below before buying a ticket to attend into FRUITFULL AT JIM THOMPSON HOUSE MUSEUM. By purchasing a ticket to FRUITFULL AT JIM THOMPSON HOUSE MUSEUM, the customer agrees they have accepted and agreed to the following terms and conditions.



“Ticket” means any valid ticket that permits a customer, who buys it through selling channels, to have the admission right into FRUITFULL AT JIM THOMPSON HOUSE MUSEUM (“The Event”) or any valid wristband for which the customer has exchanged the ticket upon entry. In addition to the general entrance ticket and/or wristband, some additional or “top-up” ticket/wristband may be required to attend a specific performance, and the customer may pre-buy or top-up the value of Ticket/wristband at the counter service at the Event for such additional or extra activities.


Tickets to the Event are sold by and on behalf of Scratch First Co., Ltd., (“the Organizer”), who reserve the right to change all or any arrangements concerning the Event without notice, nor with any obligation whatsoever to refund.


In the event you are obtaining tickets for or providing any tickets to any other person or persons, you recognize that you are acting as that person’s agent in obtaining the tickets, and due to this agency relationship you agree to these terms and conditions on behalf of any person to whom you deliver any of the tickets you purchase, and you shall notify any such person of these terms and conditions when you deliver a ticket to them. It is considered that the Ticket holder receiving the Ticket from you agrees to these terms and conditions as well.


“The Event” means the event called FRUITFULL AT JIM THOMPSON HOUSE MUSEUM, which is held at the venue in respect of which the customer has bought the Ticket.


“Venue” means the venue where the Event is held.


“The Organizer” means Scratch First, Co., Ltd. who produces and operates the Event.


Will Call Rules

In order to access the Event, the customer may be required to present:

Confirmation email receipt/your confirmation number.
A government issued photo ID or passport.
the credit card you used to purchase the Tickets.


Use of the Ticket

The Ticket entitles the holder to admission to the event, performances and activities on-site. Performances and activities vary, may be subject to additional charges and may change without prior notice.


You must retain your Ticket/wristband at all times during the Event. Photo ID may be required and verification is at the discretion of gate staff.


You agree that the Ticket is a revocable license, which is subject to revocation and/or denial of admission of the Organizer without compensation, for any reason including but not limited to your attempted or actual violation of any applicable laws or promoter or venue rules, policies or regulations.


The Organizer has technical procedures in place that are capable of detecting any photocopied or forged ticket. The Organizer shall be entitled to refuse admission to the holder of any ticket in which irregularities are detected at the Organizer’s sole discretion. The detection of any fraudulent use of tickets will be prosecuted in accordance with the applicable legislation, including criminal liability.


In the event of any breach of these terms and conditions, the Organizer, its staff and agents reserves the right to cancel tickets, to refuse admission, to remove the holder, or to confiscate offending articles, as the case may be, and in any case to retain any monies paid for the relevant ticket(s).


By your use of the Ticket for entry to the Event you acknowledge that you have read these terms including the waivers and releases of liability contained herein and you fully understand its terms, and you understand that you have given up substantial rights, knowingly and voluntarily without any inducement or duress.


Any attendee, including after entry to the Event site, may be ejected without any entitlement to a refund, as a result of failing to follow instructions given by the Organizers or their staff, causing a disturbance, carrying or consuming drugs, or due to an apparent or potential state of intoxication, and will be personally and fully responsible for their own actions and omissions towards third parties and damage to objects.



You agree that the Organizer shall not be held responsible, financially or otherwise, for any personal property that is left, lost, stolen, destroyed, confiscated, damaged or misplaced anywhere on site or during the event, regardless of fault or reason.


You agree that certain content of the Event is intended for mature audiences only. You agree that the Organizer reserves all rights to cancel, postpone, and/or change the venue, the artist lineup, time, and/or date of the event for which the Ticket was issued at any time without prior notice or compensation to you.


Persons entering the Event hereby consent to having names, images and/or likeness, writing, biographical information or recordings of their voices captured or reproduced in any medium, forever and throughout the world, for editorial, educational, promotional, publicity, advertising or any other purpose by Scratch First Co., Ltd., or its affiliates, respective successors and assigns, contractors, partners or the media.


The Organizer reserves the right to limit access to any stage to prevent hazardous overcrowding.


You agree that Scratch First Co., Ltd., its servants or agents will not be liable for any loss, injury or damage to any person (including yourself) or property however caused (including by the organizer or its servants or agents): (a) in any circumstances unless due to the negligence of Scratch First Co., Ltd., its servants or agents; (b) in circumstances where such loss or damage is not a reasonably foreseeable result of any such breach (save for death or personal injury due to the negligence of Scratch First Co., Ltd., its servants or agents); and/or (c) to the extent that any increase in any loss or damage results from the breach by you of any of these terms and conditions.


For the purposes of these terms and conditions, “Force Majeure” means any cause beyond Scratch First Co., Ltd.’s control including, without limitation, an act of God, war, insurrection, riot, civil disturbances, acts of terrorism, fire, explosion, flood, royal mourning, national mourning, theft of essential equipment, malicious damage, strike, lock out, weather, third party injunction, national defense requirements and/or acts or regulations of national or local governments. Scratch First Co., Ltd. will not be liable to you for failure to perform any obligation under these terms and conditions to the extent that the failure is caused by Force Majeure.


You agree that the Organizer shall not be liable to you for any indirect or consequential costs, claims, actual or alleged losses howsoever arising out of or in connection with the event and/or our obligations hereunder including, but not limited to, loss of profits, anticipated profits, savings, business or opportunity, or loss of publicity or loss of reputation, or opportunity to enhance reputation, or loss of contract or other economic or consequential loss arising from the performance (or any failure to perform) these terms and conditions.


The Organizer shall not have any liability to you whatsoever for loss or expenses incurred in connection with the event or any cancellation of the event, including, without limitation, costs of any personal travel, accommodation or hospitality arrangements made relating to the event or the cancellation of the event.


The Organizer shall not be liable for the acts or omissions of the operators of the venues, for any personal injury suffered at a venue (unless due to the act or omissions of Scratch First Co., Ltd.) or any loss, theft or damage to your property at a venue (unless due to the act or omissions of the Organizer) or caused by any property of the Organizer


The Organizer and our official agents can accept no responsibility for any personal property. Please do not bring unnecessary valuable items or excessive amounts of cash, as cashless payments and ATMs are available on site. 


Cancellation, Misuse and Refunds

Although we will do our best to keep you informed of any cancellation, it is the ticket holders’ responsibility to establish whether an event has been cancelled and the date and time of any rearranged event. The Organizer has no obligation to refund any monies or exchange Tickets should the program be altered, or varied, for any reason.


The Organizer is unable to accept any liability to replace any tickets lost, stolen, damaged or used after they have been received. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to keep their tickets and information private.


Site Rules

Scratch First Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd have a no drugs policy and reserve the right to eject anyone suspected of infringement of this policy.
No outside food and drink allowed into the event site; you agree to bag searches and that any prohibited food or drink will be confiscated.
No outside alcohol allowed anywhere on site. 



It is the responsibility of attendees to check gate opening and closing times – which will be published on the website and may change without notice. Ticket holders will not be admitted outside of these times.


The Organizer stores your data when purchasing tickets. This data will be treated in accordance with our privacy policy and will not under any circumstances be given to a third party. We may contact you with Wonderfruit related news.


For safety reasons the Organizer reserves the right to:

Interrupt or stop the festival.
Provisionally keep the festival visitors on the site at the end of the festival.
Totally or partially vacate the site.
Deny access to the site regardless of the possession of a valid entry ticket.
Alter the program or the timetable of the festival. In this case the entry ticket remains valid and is neither exchangeable nor refundable.


ROAR – Right of admission reserved by Scratch First Co., Ltd. and Fruitfull at all times.