Introducing From Scratch, the official Wonderfruit store

14 March 2022 | Wonderfruit

Memories from The Fields last forever, but sometimes it’s also nice to have something that can transport your senses back to a moment in time. 


While dust is the inevitable souvenir you physically take home with you after each edition of Wonderfruit, we wanted to share something a little more tangible with Wonderers to serve as a year-round reminder of those inimitable moments from The Fields. So we launched From Scratch: the official Wonderfruit store, aimed at capturing the dreams that never end from The Fields and placing them on your mantle. Or coffee table. Or wherever you choose to erect your Wonderfruit shrine. 


In a world hugely fueled by consumerism and waste, our antidote to that is to share limited and thoughtful goods designed with the planet in mind. That means all our products have a story, a meaning, and a practical purpose beyond their appearance. Produced only in small batches and in limited runs, every item on From Scratch is made as mindfully as possible using sustainable and upcycled materials, and in collaboration with artists who share our unique vision of the world around us.


First up is our Gratitude Collection, a selection of thoughtful, one-off objects that celebrate our history. From our very first poster that launched Wonderfruit in 2014 printed onto archival pigment and then onto acid-free archival cotton paper to a family of candles that capture scents from The Fields in a holder that moonlights as a Wondercup and even a Solar Stage Pod Puzzle that’s a distilled monument to the values that we hold dear in the shape of one of our most iconic landmarks, all of this now shoppable on From Scratch with plenty more on the way.


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