Introducing Fruitfull Lockdown—Interactive Dining for the Isolation Era

21 April 2020 | Wonderfruit

During this period of isolation, we at Wonderfruit have been inspired to continue to contribute and create, while being cautious and sympathetic to the situation we all face. It hasn’t been easy, but we are fortunate to have this opportunity to do something while the whole world takes an uncertain breath. We want to make sure that our fortunes in this time are shared with some of those hardest-hit by the shutdown, quarantine, and isolation measures we all live under. 


Among the people deepest affected in Thailand have been the farmers, growers, suppliers, and chefs that make our food. Restaurants are closed, street food stalls stand empty of customers and filled with stacked stools. It’s a challenge for any city, especially one as food-loving as Bangkok. We want to support every hero of the food supply chain we can.


So, we’ve launched something new. It’s called Fruitfull, and we think it’s the perfect time. Fruitfull is a storytelling platform for food and the planet that we hope will create a deeper connection with the source of food and support the people responsible for your meals. 


Fruitfull comes to life under a new series, Fruitfull Lockdown—pairing world-class cuisine and live-streamed programming, delivered to your door. Starting this Friday with Bangkok’s Michelin-starred Bo.lan, Fruitfull Lockdown is a connected dinner party for the isolation era. Book your meal, dress up in your best night-out finery, and jump into a private live stream. Online, you’ll meet your fellow diners, peek inside the kitchen with chefs Bo Songvisava and Dylan Jones, hear ingredient stories from the farmers themselves, and follow a Molam journey with rare vinyl godfather Maft Sai. Your dinner is delivered in reusable Thai pinto boxes, to make sure that the sustainable dishes inside don’t cost the earth a single scrap of plastic.


All the proceeds from your meal will be directed to Covid Relief Bangkok, a Bangkok-based collective of charitable organizations bringing food, masks, and sanitary solutions to some of the city’s most vulnerable during the pandemic. 


You get an impeccable, progressive menu of Thai food from one of the city’s most celebrated restaurants, a chance to connect with diners online, and to do good in the communities worst affected by the current crisis.


Reservations are available now in strictly limited numbers, for 3,000 THB for two people. This series is only available to residents of Bangkok city limits, living within 15km of the restaurant. 


There will be plenty more to come from Fruitfull in the future. Stay connected on Facebook, Instagram, and online.