Introducing Neramit: for those with Thai taste

14 November 2017 | Wonderfruit

All the flavors of Thailand in one beautiful zone.

Justifiably proud of our beautiful home, we’re teaming up with Tourism Authority of Thailand to show you the many shades of Thailand at Neramit. Here you’ll discover all the colors, flavors, sights and sounds of Thai culture, both modern and traditional.

Dig in and discover true Thai gastronomy, with local treats including famous street food dishes and tasty cocktails. We’ve sourced the best vendors from the local area to bring you their fresh, tasty and authentic dishes. Join Joke Khun Noi for a delicious breakfast of kai gra ta (fried egg with sausage) or soy milk and fried dough.

Get northern delicacies like including kao soi gai (chicken curry with crispy and boiled noodles), kanom jeen nam ngiew (spicy, sour noodle soup) and sticky rice with sweet pork from Huan Mun Jai Pattaya, or hit up Faiz Southern Cuisine for the best flavors of the south including kua gling (roast meat with curry paste), kai palo (pork stew with boiled egg) and omelette rice with shrimp paste.

The Takian Tia community will be serving up coconut coffee, coconut shell chicken curry and Thai desserts and if you’re feeling inspired, you’ll be able to join them for some interactive workshops including the chance to make coffee and traditional Thai desserts or craft roses from pandan leaves.

Thirsty? The central bar will be helmed by top Thai mixologists concocting potent creations based on traditional herb-infused Thai liquor, ya dong.

With all this to take in, spend a little time at Neramit. Kick back and enjoy the tastes of #AmazingThailand under the shady pagoda, with the perfect soundtrack of Thai folk music, thanks to the neighboring Molam Bus.