Jameson: A spirit imbued with culture…and fun in The Fields

18 January 2023 | Wonderfruit

[Edited on 18 January 2023]


Wonderers this year were drawn to a pointed roof jutting out of the jungle where they discovered a tapestry of lights at The Circle where they were transported into a whiskey-imbued world that is famously quaint with Jameson. Drawing inspiration from traditional Thai architecture, the vernacular of this handsome structure was built with the vanity of vintage appeal using sustainable materials that nodded to old-world aesthetics.



Once inside, Wonderers settled in at an artisan long bar staffed with flair bartenders in a cozy living room-like locale with relentless details to feast upon. The space set the scene for whiskey tastings by Ireland’s Thomas O’Donnell, a brand ambassador for Jameson Thailand, who relayed stories of whiskey culture paired with tastings around circular tables all handmade by craftsmen. The workshop-style experience was complimentary and offered Wonderers a chance to taste some of the brand’s iconic whiskeys like their finer Black Barrel product, which was also an ingredient in a couple of their curated cocktails. Back at the bar, Jameson’s guest bartenders made a selection of libations ranging from fruity to refreshing as well as masculine and sweet.



Stepping away from the usual seriousness of whiskey culture, the atmosphere was jovial thanks to a series of fun lawn games like mini golf and darts where Wonderers connected with a like-minded community and celebrated the people, the pours and the cultural touchpoints of Jameson Irish Whiskey. Tucked into the corner of the lawn was a handmade hut offering barber services by Barber Brain, an often crowded attraction that saw Wonderers looking sharp while making new connections.



As the sun set beyond The Fields, friends unwound to a private collection of rare vinyl played on a Hi-Fi sound system. The soundtrack was lent by an ensemble cast of selectors and scene setters handpicked by Zudrangma Records and Have You Heard Records, and featured newcomers alongside familiar faces including Tul, frontman of rock band Apartmentkhunpa who delivered a genre-spanning set, and Rui, who regularly hosts a monthly radio show on Bangkok Community Radio and Yeye Radio. On Friday evening, Jay Pei x HINANO performed a debut collaborative live show where HINANO layered her angelic vocals over Jay’s unique take on electronica.



Artistic cues reigned at The Circle where vintage aesthetics reconstructed an imagined past. The tattoo community at Common Ground decorated the façade with custom art and the accompanying mural was done in Jameson’s signature colors, representing the intersection between two worlds: Irish tradition and its entry into Asia. The motif carried over to their vintage-styled van, where Wonderers could try a canned version of Jameson’s signature drink, Jameson Ginger Lime, during a two-hour happy hour on Sunday.



At The Circle, Wonderers leaned into the evening, widened their circles and reveled in the joys of whiskey culture.