Mysterious Producer 007

21 October 2021 | Wonderfruit

Let Mysterious Producer 007 take you on a journey across the African continent via a collection of scratchy 45s.




The man behind the mixtape this week is a familiar face in the record stores of Asia and Europe, whose many labels have helped reinvigorate world music catalogs from every corner. Currently located in the UK, the DJ, writer, producer and label boss used the lockdown to rediscover the myriad sounds contained in his #MysteriousProducers recording.


“Over lockdown, I got to reacquaint myself with parts of my record collection I hadn’t checked for a while. I was repeatedly drawn back to the various 45s and LPs I have from different parts of the African continent. They became the soundtrack to my summer. Some are new discoveries, some are rediscoveries but I’m dreaming of playing some of these tracks out in front of a live audience soon!”


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