Rules of The Village

3 December 2020 | Wonderfruit

Moobaan Wonder is for everyone. To make sure it stays a welcome and inclusive environment, and to keep things super easy in The Fields, we have a few village rules for all attendees. 


Don’t remove your wristband.

Don’t move or vandalize the artwork.

Don’t bring pets unless you have a Dog Pass.

Don’t drop cigarette butts, cups or any litter on the ground.

Don’t camp in unauthorized locations. 

Don’t buy bootleg products.

Don’t bring food, alcohol, or drinks from outside.

Don’t cook or light fires.

Don’t use illicit substances.

Don’t bring any single-use plastic or foam.

Don’t bring any weapons, explosives or other harmful items.

Don’t bring any drones onto the site.

Be smart, safe, and considerate when using bicycles, segways, or any electronic transport in The Fields. If you are riding in The Fields, you are responsible for any accidents, damage, or injury caused.

Don’t try to buy alcohol if you’re a minor.

Wear a mask at all times.

Don’t forget to scan in and out using the QR codes at the gates.

Don’t enter if your temperature is higher than 37.5ºC when tested.

If you feel sick, visit First Aid.

Wash your hands.


You can still discover all the wonder within, we just ask everyone to do their part.