Sunday’s Highlights

17 December 2017 | Wonderfruit

It’s the last day of Wonderfruit 2017, so let’s make the most of it. With so much to see and do, here are a few pointers and places to start:



Pick up a copy of the Wonderpost newspaper, turn to page 3 and go on an arts safari to discover all our weird and wonderful creatures.

Cast your own candlewax panel, to add to the Angel of the Southeast

Sunset: get ready for fantastic fire skills from Soul of Angkorn as we celebrate our final sunset at Solar Stage.



4.30pm: from Intermission 2015, Kingkong and the Chum return to Living Stage and we couldn’t be prouder.

7.30pm: from Brooklyn to Living Stage, Yeasayer bring their incomparable sound.

8.30pm: don’t forget to have one more Thai folk boogie with Boonhugsa at Molam Bus.

9pm: let’s see out Wonderfruit in suitable fashion with some uplifting reggae from Chronixx at Living Stage.



11am: join the Happy Earth Farm team for some jam making at Camp Wonder.

Visit and bathe our pal the buffalo.

Drop the kids with Wonder Nannies at Camp Wonder for one more child-free frolic in The Fields.


Talks & Workshops

10am: Try your hand at coconut leaf toy making, paper flower making, and Thai graphic drawing with the experts opposite Neramit.

2pm: learn the secrets of permaculture at The Hive.

3pm: next to Neramit, try your hand at metal forging.

3.30pm: Find your purpose through adventure with Shilpika Gautam’s Scratch Talk at Farm Stage.


Farm to Feasts

It’s Sunday, so treat yourself to some comfort food from Bangkok’s best restaurant at SOT.

Seek out Shingo Gokan in Shackfruit and ask him for a special cocktail.

Indulge in some truly Thai delicacies at Neramit.


Wellness & Adventures

Feeling a little worse for wear? Get a boost up with a vitamin drip from the IV Lyfe team.

Hit the lake for some fun races on the plastic bottle paddleboards you’ve been making all weekend.

5pm: join Wild Sirenda at Solar Stage for an unforgettable cacao ceremony.


…and much, much more.


If you’re already here, you know the drill. If you’re not, you can still get a Sunday pass at the door – don’t miss out.