What is Moobaan Wonder?

16 November 2020 | Wonderfruit

We’ve been hinting at it for a while—ever since we made the difficult decision to postpone Wonderfruit to Dec 2021. We said that we had something really special coming up for those Wonderers who find themselves in Thailand this year. 


We’re now ready to tell you all about that special something. It’s called Moobaan Wonder, and it’s our season-long village festival celebrating Thai art, culture, and nature.


It’s happening in The Fields, where we usually host Wonderfruit, for five weekends in December and January. It’s a welcoming setting for everyone in Thailand to swing by, just an hour and a half by car from Bangkok. If you’re planning to leave the city, add Moobaan Wonder to your trip. 


With the borders closed, we’re all exploring Thailand. Moobaan Wonder is a capsule of Thainess, Thai culture, and Thai references, all wrapped in the familiar Wonderfruit feeling—so you can expect The Fields to feel as local as they ever have, filled with Thai live acts, architecture, art, traditional activities, and special features unique to the country. Everyone is welcome, so long as you can get to Pattaya.


Each weekend at Moobaan Wonder is different, and no two visits will be the same. For each Friday–Sunday stretch in The Fields, we’ll have new live music & DJs, food & drinks, workshops, markets, and family activities.


Because of the times we’re living in, we’ve made Moobaan Wonder accessible for everyone. That means tickets start from 690 THB for a Friday Pass, 1,290 THB for a Saturday or Sunday Pass, or 2,190 THB for a weekend pass. If you want to keep coming back (and you definitely aren’t alone there), book a Full Season Pass for 6,800 THB and visit for all of the five weekends.


It’s been an unusual year, to say the least. Moobaan Wonder is our response to the disruption of 2020, and your chance to witness the rebirth of wonder.


Choose a weekend, book your pass, and visit Moobaan Wonder for a Thai-focussed, local celebration in nature to shake off the dust of the year we all went through.