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Wonderfruit 2023: A guide to getting tickets


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16 May 2023

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20 November 2023

Welcome to Wonderfruit 2023. We’re so excited to embark on this journey with you again, and like any trip, it starts with tickets. Things have changed this year so let’s start with this super important nugget: there will be only one ticket sale this year.


This comes with some other changes, so make sure you digest this Wonderpost well to better your chances of getting a ticket to The Fields. 


One 72-hour sale


Last year, tickets went really fast and we closed some rounds early. We want to give everyone a chance to be able to get a ticket, so don’t miss this one and only Public Sale. 


There will be just one 72-hour Public Sale in which you can get a ticket to Wonderfruit 2023 and will run from 14–17 June 2023


Tickets will be capped 


If capacity is reached before the end of the 72-hour Public Sale, we will close it early so make sure you get in quickly. We’re doing this to ensure the well-being of our community and also deliver the Wonderfruit experience as we intend it to be. There’s more to it, and we give you the long version here.


Public Sale opens: 14–17 June 2023


The sale opens on Wednesday 14 June 2023 at 6pm (GMT+7) and ends on Saturday 17 June 2023 at 6pm (GMT+7). Put these dates in your calendar, bookmark them and don’t miss it. 


Not in Bangkok? Here’s the time elsewhere in the world.


Hong Kong & Singapore (GMT+8): Wednesday 14 June at 7:00pm
London (GMT+1): Wednesday 14 June at 12:00pm
Berlin (GMT+2): Wednesday 14 June at 1:00pm
New York (GMT-4): Wednesday 14 June at 7:00am
Los Angeles (GMT-7): Wednesday 14 June at 4:00am


Tickets cost ~USD 260 (that’s THB 8,900)


There will be one price for tickets: ~$260 (THB 8,900) and gets you access to five days in The Fields. If any tickets remain after the sale, they will be sold at the door for ~$600 (THB 20,300). 


*USD prices are subject to FX fluctuations


Only Full Passes are available


A Full Pass is essentially a five-day pass, and gets you access from gates opening at 4pm on Thursday, 14 December to gate closing at midday Monday, 18 December. We also want Wonderers to experience the event for all that it is. (Some people come for five years and still don’t see and do everything).

This year, there will be no Sunday Passes, and Weekend Passes will be limited. Teen Passes will be launched separately after the Public Sale, and will be at a lower cost than a Full Pass because we want families to attend together easily. They’re great for those aged 13–19, and kids 12 and under go free.


You can buy (up to) 4 tickets


We believe that Wonderfruit is an experience to be shared with friends and family and we want to encourage our guests to bring their nearest and dearest. But we also want to promote fairness and ensure everyone has an opportunity to get a ticket so we are limiting transactions to four tickets per email registered on Ticketmelon.


There will be a Private Sale


We have something special for Wonderfruit ticketholders from 2018–2022; keep an eye on your inbox within the next couple of weeks. If you’ve been to one of those editions of Wonderfruit and you haven’t received anything by 5 June 2023, send us a DM on Instagram or Facebook.


There will be no special or discounts


If you’re contributing to the Wonderfruit ecosystem, don’t worry, we’ll find you before the Public Sale. If you’ve heard nothing from Team Wonderfruit by 14 June 2023 and want to attend Wonderfruit 2023, we suggest getting a ticket in the Public Sale to secure your way into the event.


Only buy from Ticketmelon


Tickets can only be purchased at our official page on Ticketmelon. Bookmark this page and set your reminders. We’ll also be sending a direct EDM to anyone on our mailing list as soon as the sale starts. You can sign up for our newsletter here.


Reselling or transferring tickets 


Last year, we saw a record number of fake tickets, extreme price gouging and tons of fraud— and we had to turn down people at the gate with fake tickets. The only way to ensure you don’t get scammed is to buy straight from the source.


However, we know planning for Wonderfruit is complex, especially for those who come from around the world—but sometimes life happens and you can’t make it. We also want to curb extreme price gouging and all fraudulent tickets that circulated last year. So this year, we are introducing Wonder Market, an easy, safe and convenient way to resell tickets at original face value.


Launching this July, the market operates on trust and goodwill, and you can make agreements directly with each other to buy authentic tickets that are not-for-profit. We hope this creates more ease around planning for Wonderfruit 2023.




Our ticketing partner, Ticketmelon, is making payments even easier this year. 


For local transactions: 

installment options, ticket insurance (a service provided by Ticketmelon), Credit/Debit card (Mastercard, Visa, Amex, JCB, Discover, Diners Club, Union Pay), ATM, Bank Counter, Mobile Banking, Counter Service + PromptPay, iBanking, Alipay and Rabbit LINE Pay.


For international transactions:

Please ensure with your card issuer that your card is 3DS-enabled (or OTP-enabled) and is authorized for online purchases


And finally, we’re thrilled to be signing off with this once again: see you in The Fields.