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This year Wonderfruit is capping tickets. Find out why…


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Tuesday 16 May

Last Updated

Monday 20 November

The experiences at Wonderfruit are curated with careful thought, intention and love for Wonderers to explore and deepen their connection to mind and nature. To facilitate this, it’s important to anticipate how many people are coming—which means capping tickets.


As an event with festival-sized numbers, understanding how many people will be in attendance helps us conceptualize and create experiences. From the types of venues we build—including their shape and size— to how we think about energy, waste, water and everything else right down to operations, we want everyone to have the best possible time in The Fields. And this extends to our ecosystem of artists, practitioners and facilitators; they spend a lot of time planning, too. 


In 2022, Wonderfruit hosted approximately 25,000 people on site. As we progress into this year, we’re looking at a slight increase in attendance, reaching up to 28,000 attendees. Our primary focus is not only to ensure the well-being of all Wonderers but to surpass their expectations and that the experience exceeds desires. At the same time, we will diligently organize our operations and optimize our workforce, ensuring manpower is in the right place.


In the past, Wonderfruit has grown by a minimum of 50%, so this year is a significant difference from previous years. We’re not entertaining numbers as a marker of success. Instead, we measure growth by our ability to build and execute new experiences which responsibly uphold our ethos. As we take steps to deepen our relationship with mind and nature, we’ll keep capping tickets so we can offer you, the Wonderers, an opportunity to integrate sound, visual and mind-and-body experiences in The Fields. 


Curious to understand how else we’re evolving? We have a clear vision of the future and are looking forward to all Wonderers participating in the expansion of Wonderfruit. Read our Declaration of Wonder here. 


And with that, our one and only ticket sale opens on 14–17 June at 6pm BKK (GMT+7). To better your chances of securing a ticket, head here and read our guide to getting tickets to Wonderfruit 2023


We hope to see you in The Fields.