Wonderfruit Tickets 101

1 May 2019 | Wonderfruit

Hey Wonderers, here’s a handy heads up on all the tickets types and phases coming up for Wonderfruit 2019.


From Phase 1 onwards, you can grab a Full Pass for all four days of Wonder, or a Weekend Pass, which gives you access from 8am on Saturday. Sunday Passes, which get you in from 8am on Sunday, land in November.


As you can see, we have a tiered ticketing system, which corresponds to our phases:



Basically, the sooner you book, the cheaper your ticket. That’s because early bookers really help us to plan, book and schedule our killer content. By booking early, you’re showing your loyalty and your faith in us and we want to reward you for that with savings.


Also, we’ve launched a payment plan scheme this year that allows you to buy your tickets and other items in 4 monthly installments; find out more here.


And finally, make sure you’re not getting scammed or buying tickets from unauthorized sources; find out more here.