Wonderfruit Tickets 101

As we launch our Early Bird phase, we want to give you a heads up on the tickets types available for Wonderfruit 2019.


Early Birds offer the best possible price for the Full Pass. From now until midnight on 4 June, you can snap yours up for 5,000 baht. Beware, though, there’s only a limited number and they almost always sell out, so best to book ASAP.


After Early Birds close, we move into Phase 1, at which point there are a few more options to choose from. Besides the Full Pass, you can grab a Weekend Pass, which gives you access from 8am on Saturday onwards, or a Sunday Pass, which gets you in from 8am on Sunday onwards.


As you can see, we have a tiered ticketing system, which corresponds to our phases:


Basically, the sooner you book, the cheaper your ticket. That’s because early bookers really help us to plan, book and schedule our killer content. By booking early, you’re showing your loyalty and your faith in us and we want to reward you for  that with savings.