Your Sunday Highlights

15 December 2019 | Wonderfruit

Are you still feeling it? We definitely are. The world never stops spinning for wonder, and you made that perfectly clear with your energy and presence in The Fields on Saturday. And how good was Acid Pauli over sunrise at Solar Stage?


It’s nearly the end of our sweet time together. Make the most of the days you have left at Wonderfruit by throwing yourself headlong into Sunday.


If you haven’t been to Wonderfruit yet this weekend, don’t forget to pre-register your ticket to save time at the gate. Also—where have you been? If you don’t have a ticket, just head to the Box Office when you get here and pick up a Sunday Pass.


What’s on


Start your day right with a trip to one (or more) of our delicious, diverse food vendors here at Wonderfruit. Each stall is its own temporary kitchen, popping up for the same amount of time as we all share here together. How about a breakfast burrito with a side of congee and an extra order of krapow with an açai bowl for good measure?


Well fed, it’s time to explore. If you have little wonders in tow, take them to Little Fields at Camp Wonder for a real, hands-on experience of life on the farm. Our Chicken Coop and workshop brings kids up close and personal with the source of one of Thailand’s culinary mainstays: the egg. You can join the feathers and fun at 10am, or at 3pm.


Stay in the neighbourhood for a very special, very Thai treat for the senses: Yam Khang Fire Therapy. The traditional Northern-style massage practise uses local herbs, ancient remedies, feet, and fire to rejuvenate and revitalize weary limbs and souls. You’ve never had a sizzle like this before. Try the 1pm session.


Catch Naj Frusciante’s surefire selections at Ziggurat with Singha, and set the tone for the day to come. As they say, start as you wish to continue. You can’t start much better than this. She’ll be serving up the smorgasbord of songs from 2pm.


If these suggestions are already spinning you into a sense of panic, get busy doing nothing. House of Doing Nothing has a hammock with your name on it, all you need to do is show up ready to do absolutely nothing.


On the way, look out for the sounds and sights of The Bangkok Voices’ Roaming Chorus—they’ll be popping up where you least expect with renditions of some of your favorites, and new classics.


We have all seen the state of our oceans, national parks, and otherwise-untouched spaces at the hands of plastic pollution. Join three leading voices from across the spectrum of plastic production, recycling, clean-up, and reduction at Eco Pavilion for The Great Plastic Debate Panel. The discussion is chaired by Stephanie Dickson (from Green Is The New Black), and they’ll get underway at 5:20pm.


Watch the sun slip from the sky in Polygon Live, as Be Svendsen & Viken Arman (Live) combine their astute production and selection prowess for a special collaborative set from 6:30pm. These are unmissable elements of the Wonderfruit calendar, set an alarm if you need to.


Experience the dynamic, specialized talent of Chris The Pianist at Creature Stage, filling Living Village with his masterful, highly contrasted, and sharply characterized piano. Make your way to the bright and colorful Creature Stage from 6:30pm and settle in for a sundowner with extra keys.


Discover the merge of grime and jazz when London’s own Alfa Mist steps up for a live performance at Theatre Stage, against the backdrop of our beautiful landscape. Take a seat in our natural amphitheatre and wait for 7pm, when he takes to the stage.


Get acquainted with Brooklyn’s Dillon Cooper at SOT at 9pm. The multi-faceted entertainer brings his high-energy beats and lyrical honesty to the big block party in The Fields. If you haven’t managed to visit SOT yet—one, why not? and two, you’re in for a treat. This urban playground in The Fields is home to the best of food, drinks, sounds, and experiences from the downtown. You’ll find Rad Meats hot dogs, Peppina pizzas, Haoma vegan treats, Stoli’s pop-up vodka bar, and Monkey Shoulder with Pussyfoot Saloon.


Hear a set from the unbeatable, incomparable Four Tet at Solar Stage from 10:30pm. We would love to say more about this performance, but where would we even begin? Go and see what we mean for yourself.


When the sun has shown its glistening face once again, be sure to spend the magic hour wisely—by sticking around for a blistering back-to-back set from Camion Bazar and La Mamie’s. They’ll keep Wonderfruit going long into the day.


As with every day of wonder here in The Fields, there’s so much more to be seen and experienced than what we can put on a page. Download the Wonderfruit App for the latest updates, and the full lineup.