Your Thursday Highlights

12 December 2019 | Wonderfruit

Welcome to Wonderfruit. The gates are now open, and we are so excited to have you here with us. Get ready for your first day of art, music, food and ideas in The Fields—it’s going to be a doozy.


If you haven’t already booked your ticket, head to the Box Office when you arrive and get yourself into the action with a Full Pass, Weekend Pass, or Sunday Pass.


Don’t forget your cup. You’ll need it. If you’ve pre-purchased a Wondercup online, head to our Merchandise Stores or the reception at Boutique Camping to collect your cup.


There is so much waiting for you on this Thursday night. We can barely contain our excitement. Let’s start you off with a little sample of what’s to come in our more than 30 venues at Wonderfruit:


Forbidden Fruit, everyone’s favorite space for hedonistic flamboyance has had a facelift. The new design is complemented by the latest, spatial Pioneer sound system shipped direct from Japan.


Omelette is a cheesy dream that lasts all night, serving up Hendrick’s Gin cocktails and a curation of dancefloor-approved electronic sounds.


Neramit is open 24 hours for independent spirits and international tunes. Think of it as a home base for every Wonderer exploring The Fields, but with better booze.


SOT brings the big block party vibe together with food by Rad Meats, Peppina, and Haoma, and drinks from Monkey Shoulder. Kick it.


Wonderness is a sacred place for healing, wellness, fitness, and the spirit. This year it’s broken into elemental zones with activities to represent earth, air, fire, and water.


Polygon Live is back and it’s already looking even more immersive than ever before. Step inside the dome any night until 5am to feel what 360º, 3D sound and lights can be.


What’s on


Kick off your experience with the official opening ceremony, filling Wonderness with sounds and energy courtesy of Tiger Drum Thailand from 17:30. 


Witness Sounds of the Naga Cave and see how this repurposed plastic structure bridges East and West through sound, ritual, and alchemy.


Find out what over a kilometer of lights and full-surround speakers can do when French visual creators Visual System release their Opium light show at Poygon Live. Get as close to the center as you can, and watch the show unfold from 20:20 – 20:30


Meet up at Omelette for a set from Rocco Universal at 20:00, and limber up those limbs with an eclectic selection from one of Bangkok’s best-travelled DJs.


Get familiar with the warm inner sanctum of Forbidden Fruit and experience a back to back DJ performance by Katsu and Emel Rowe, throwing inspiration back and forth to create a soundtrack for your untethered groove.


Step inside Neramit for a special set from Wonderfruit alumnus and fabric club London resident Craig Richards from 22:00.


Or head back to the sparkling, beaming dome of Polygon Live (just up the slope) for a live performance by Barcelona’s Miret.


Get down to SOT for DJ TOB, opening the floor for the weekend ahead and keeping things as Thonglor as they could be. He’s on from 23:00.


There’s so, so much more to see, hear, feel, and experience in The Fields this weekend. Download our app for the full schedule and plan your Wonderfruit your way.


If you aren’t here, you can be. Pick up a pass at the gates and come wonder with us.