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The answers to most of your questions

General Info

Last year, we hosted 25,000 people, and we are planning for a slight increase this year that’s in line with our strategy to control growth.

Our primary focus is to ensure the well-being of all Wonderers and surpass their expectations and that the experience exceeds desires. At the same time, we will diligently organize our operations and optimize our workforce, ensuring manpower is in the right place.

You can read more about why we’re capping tickets here.
We hugely appreciate our community taking the time to share their thoughts with us. We are always listening, and we've used your feedback to improve Wonderfruit 2024. 

You are invited to send any further feedback to
We work really hard to curate the most balanced and exploratory collection of sounds for Wonderfruit. Please send your request to our programming team at and if there’s a fit, they’ll get back to you.
You can find the location of the site here:
All ages are welcome; however anyone 12 and under MUST be accompanied by a parent, legal guardian or nominated guardian. Guests will be required to show their ID upon request as proof of age at any time for proper drinking age limit verification. All guests under the age of 20 will not be allowed to purchase alcohol and will be required to wear a “Teen” wristband at all times.
Entry for children aged 12 and under is free and they do not need an advance ticket. They will receive wristbands upon check-in with a parent or guardian. Under 13s trying to enter without an accompanying adult will be turned away.
Send your proposal, company details and portfolio to and if there is a good fit, we’ll be in touch. 
Send an e-mail to and if there’s synergy, we’ll get back.
We sure do. Peruse our careers page:
Here are the gate timings:

Thursday, 12 Dec 2024: 4 pm to midnight
Friday, 13 Dec 2024: 8 am to midnight
Saturday, 14 Dec 2024: 8 am to midnight
Sunday, 15 Dec 2024: 8 am to midnight
Monday, 16 Dec 2024: 8 am to midday

* These times are subject to change. Keep an eye on our website and social media for any changes.
Yes, in fact, we encourage you to stay through Sunday and into Monday. The gates close at midday on Monday and we have programming all the way through until then. 
Wonderfruit has 24 hours of programming every day. It's not on all stages but there is always something on somewhere. The full schedule will be released on the Wonder App later in the year.
Yes, free drinking water stations are located around the main villages and campsites. Bring your own bottle or buy a Wonder Cup on-site. 
We have charging stations around The Fields. Lots of Wonderers also bring a battery pack to charge their devices on the go.
Yes, you will be allowed to re-enter the Wonderfruit site as long as you have a valid wristband. Please note there is no entry when the gates are closed between midnight and 8am (no exceptions).
Out in the gorgeous countryside, there's no WiFi. While a strong phone signal and 4G can also be erratic, it works. We recommend focusing your energy on being present and embracing serendipity. On the upside, your battery will last longer. 
Wonderfruit is cashless but ATMs are available at various locations around the site if you want to withdraw cash to top up your wristband. A reminder that top-ups made using a Credit Card are non-refundable, so having some cash is always a good idea.
Bringing your own food and soft drinks is not permitted. You will be searched as you enter the festival grounds; food will be confiscated and drinking flasks will be emptied. Please also remember that single-use plastic bottles/cups are not allowed anywhere at Wonderfruit but you can refill your own drinking flask for free at the water stations on-site. Alcohol from outside is prohibited in all areas, including campsites; fully licensed bars are available for you within the festival grounds.
Camera and drones are forbidden unless you have applied for and received a permit from Wonderfruit in advance. Look our for updates on this coming soon. 
The following items are prohibited at Wonderfruit:

  • Alcohol or illegal drugs
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Drones
  • Selfie sticks
  • First Nations headdresses
  • Hoverboards
  • Bicycles, skateboards or rollerblades
  • Single-use plastic
  • Animals of any kind other than dogs with a ticketed Dog Pass

Should you arrive in The Fields with any banned items, you will not be able to store them for retrieval later. There will not be a security deposit at Box Office so we will not hold any prohibited items for the duration of your stay.

Tickets / Private Sale

The Private Sale is an opportunity for past Wonderers who bought a ticket directly from Ticketmelon and registered it to their own email address to get tickets before sales open to the pubic. It’s our way of saying thank you for supporting us over the years.
It’s likely that you are not subscribed to Marketing communications. If you’re not subscribed, we have no way of contacting you with a code.

If you have attended Wonderfruit before and want to receive an invite code, we can still try to get you verified. Complete this form (before 3 May) with the same e-mail you pre-registered with, and we'll do our best to get you verified:
Each invite can purchase only one (1) ticket. We want to give all previous Wonderers a chance to be a part of this.
The Private Sale runs from 7–9 May 2024 at 6pm BKK (GMT+7), and you can purchase a ticket with your code any time during the sale. However, note that there are a limited number of tickets available and the sale will close early when capacity be reached.
You will have another opportunity to buy tickets during other sales later in the year.  
Tickets purchased during the Private Sale are non-refundable and cannot be canceled or changed. Please review the specific terms and conditions before purchasing.
Your ticket will be available in your Ticketmelon account and also sent to your email address. Tickets purchased in the Private Sale cannot be transferred and may only be used by the person linked to the Ticketmelon account. 

Tickets / The Opening Sale

The Opening Sale starts 10 June at 6pm BKK (GMT+7) and runs for 72 hours or until sold out. A 5-Day Full Pass at THB 8,500 (~USD 240) and you can purchase up to four (4) tickets in this sale.
The 72-hour Finale Sale starts 9 September and tickets will be THB 10,900. Both sales have limited capacity and will close early when capacity is reached.
At-door tickets will be THB 20,000 pending availability.
Weekend Passes will go on sale in The Finale Sale this September and will be limited in quantity.
A Weekend Pass only gets you access from Saturday 14 December at 8am until Monday. If you'd like to join us on Thursday or Friday, we recommend getting a 5-Day Full Pass, which gets you access to the entire event. There's so much to see and do, and a 5-Day Full Pass helps you get the most out of your ticket and Wonderfruit experience.
We don't offer Sunday or day passes. To get the most out of Wonderfruit, we suggest getting a Full Pass so you can experience all that we have planned.
If you're still holding onto a Wonderfruit 2020 ticket, it's important to know that this is the last year you may use this unused ticket. You should have received an e-mail from Ticketmelon about your ticket; otherwise, read through our latest Wonderpost.
If you can't locate your Wonderfruit 2020 tickets or log into your account, please contact
Of course you can bring your best friend. Dogs are allowed with a pre-paid Dog Pass only, which will be available later in the year.
Tickets cover general admission only and do not include accommodations. Slow Wonder, Boutique Camping and General Camping will be available soon.

The Pineapple Eyes

The Pineapple Eyes is a hand-selected group of people who embody and live the Wonderfruit ethos. This group comprises past collaborators, passionate and engaged Wonderers and impact-makers from within our community. It celebrates the diversity of thought, switching like-mindedness for open minds. If you’re meant to be in this group, you would have been contacted already. In the future, we may open access to a broader community, but it will always be intentional and kept to a smaller scale.
The Pineapple Eyes is a space where we will evolve, which allows for new ways of dialogue and interaction. It’s an incredible opportunity to bring this community closer to our processes, enabling us to evolve Wonderfruit authentically and make a lasting impact on our planet. 

We also want The Pineapple Eyes to have special access to all things Wonderfruit, from special one-off events to live exclusive experiences at Wonderfruit and content announcements year-round. We view this group as a living organism evolving 365 days a year.
The Pineapple Eyes is a collection of our most engaged and aligned Wonderers, who will participate in shaping the evolution of Wonderfruit. In the future, we may open access to a broader community, but it will always be intentional and kept to a smaller scale.
The Pineapple Eyes were selected by the Wonderfruit team for their contributions to the Wonderfruit experience and ecosystem over the years. We don’t have a formulaic answer regarding this selection but we looked at each individual and their embodiment of the festival and our ethos. 
Currently, The Pineapple Eyes is made up of around 4,000 creative and collaborative individuals.
No, this is a way for two-way communication and engagement between the Wonderfruit team and this group.
No payment is required; our only request is participation, feedback and collaboration.
An invitation to The Pineapple Eyes comes with access to exclusive content and perks, like special tickets, unreleased live sets, partner perks and more. Members will also have voting rights on concepts, new ideas and direct access to the Wonderfruit team. Special physical experiences will also be created for The Pineapple Eyes at Wonderfruit, throughout the year or beyond.

This year, The Pineapple Eyes have received invites to access the 2024 Private Sale early. If you haven’t gotten it, check your email. 

Note: you do not need to participate in this offer to stay in The Pineapple Eyes and we don’t expect you to either; we simply want to provide this group with special things around the year.
The Pineapple Eyes ticket comes at a lower price (THB 7,000) and access to live exclusive festival experiences, a 2024 Wonder Cup and a custom The Pineapple Eyes RFID wristband.
We intended for this group to grow alongside us and integrate into the future of Wonderfruit and Scratch First. We have a lot planned beyond The Fields, and we want our community of longtime supporters to be part of shaping that. 
As we head into the journey to Wonderfruit 2024, we will reveal some shifts in executing the event. The Pineapple Eyes will first have access to learning about and participating in these new avenues and voting rights as to how we shape them. We’ll be peppering some more thank yous across the year, revealing more access and perks as we go. 
We have a lot of exciting things going on at the Wonderfruit HQ. We’ll request feedback and insights from The Pineapple Eyes as these initiatives and ideas develop. This could involve live calls with the team, voting on preferred outcomes and much more.
We’d encourage you to engage actively, share your ideas and embrace your unique–we want to hear all feedback, ideas and opinions. It’ll make us better and Wonderfruit a more encompassing journey for all Wonderers.