Introducing Wonder Market, an easy, safe and convenient way to resell tickets

1 June 2023 | Wonderfruit

Over the last couple of days, we’ve engaged with so many of you across our channels and have heard what you’ve had to say. We understand that coming to Wonderfruit takes a lot of planning, especially for those from around the world, and sometimes, those plans change. 


And with just one Private and Public Sale happening this year, we want you to buy a ticket with confidence, knowing that if you can’t make it, you can safely pass your ticket on. 


The need for a secure ticket reselling process has become even more crucial due to the unprecedented amount of fake tickets we witnessed last year. These fraudulent tickets led to distressing scenarios where individuals were denied entry at the gate, an experience we are determined to prevent this time around. We also observed unscrupulous resellers taking advantage of the situation by inflating ticket prices well beyond their original value.


Let us be clear: such practices are entirely contrary to the Wonderfruit way. And we want to put a stop to that. Simply put, making a profit on Wonderfruit tickets is not cool. Scalpers are not cool. And getting rejected at the gate is not cool. We want people who want to come to Wonderfruit to be at Wonderfruit. 


That’s why we’re introducing Wonder Market, a platform designed to offer Wonderers a convenient and secure means to resell or transfer their tickets. The market operates on trust and goodwill, with Wonderers making agreements directly with each other, ensuring that only authentic tickets purchased from official Wonderfruit channels find their way into the hands of fellow Wonderers. We firmly discourage price gouging and want to encourage tickets being resold at the price they were purchased.


Ahead of our Private and Public Sale, we want to assure you that Wonderers will have a reliable space to resell or transfer tickets at their original face value. We hope this flexibility gives you some reassurance and puts your planning at ease because we all know how unpredictable life can be.


The Wonder Market is set to launch in mid-2023.