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Rock a refill at #Wonderfruit2018

28 November 2018 | Wonderfruit

At Wonderfruit, we enforce a no plastic policy across The Fields and even though all our tableware is 100% biodegradable, we still accumulate waste and are always looking for ways to reduce it. To reduce trash on-site, we encourage everyone to get involved by using our stainless steel refill cup. Besides looking super sleek and helping do our part together, you’ll also get ฿50 off alcoholic drinks, which is quite a lot of savings when you factor in that drinks are ฿250 – ฿300. In fact, after 12 drinks, the cup has paid for itself.


Now here is where we sweeten the deal even more – the first 2,500 cups purchased will receive a complimentary hook designed by renowned Thai designer Ek Thongprasert, which comes in four colour variants that you can choose from at pick up or until supplies last.


So by purchasing a cup, you’re joining us in a festival-wide initiative to reduce waste across The Fields while getting some great discounts in the process (and looking good, too).



Here’s how it works:


Purchasing the cup before Wonderfruit:

  • If you purchase the Wonderfruit refill cup before the festival starts, you’ll get your cup at a discounted price of ฿600 and you’ll also get a limited edition hook. You can either buy it here or click the ‘Add to Cart’ button above.
  • Cups purchased before the festival will be available for pickup at the Main Gate or the Boutique Camping entrance.


Purchasing the cup at Wonderfruit:

  • If you want to purchase the Wonderfruit refill cup during the festival, it will be available at any Top-Up Station, but know that they will be priced at ฿800 so best to get one beforehand.
  • The Wonderfruit refill cup can be used across all four days and is your ticket to drink discounts. Take your cup to any bar across Wonderfruit and receive a ฿50 discount. Note that non-Wonderfruit cups will not receive a discount as only our official refill cups are accepted as they are made to measure precise quantity by our bar staff.


More good news: if you bought a cup last year, you can still use it to get the same ฿50 discount.

Join us as we continue to make our lives on and off The Fields waste-free while taking home a small piece of Wonderfruit that you can use all year.