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Singha returns to Ziggurat, a little louder and a lot grander


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26 October 2022

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26 October 2022

For many years, Ziggurat has lured weary Wonderers to its elevated beer garden with the promise of cold drinks, cushions and shade. Singha is bringing the iconic experience back to the ground this year with a natural dance floor flanked by seating clusters where Wonderers can still spend lazy days and relaxing nights with a Singha in hand—but never be far from a dance. And, there’s more…


Reimagined, by Ab Rogers



In the past, Ziggurat has always been housed under a tent. The venue is getting a rework this year by Ab Rogers and his team at Ab Rogers Design (ARD) to become a more permanent part of The Fields. Having previously designed venues like Bath House, Ethos Pavillion and more at Wonderfruit, ARD are lending their sustainably-driven designs to Ziggurat and turning it into a piazza where Wonderers will be ensconced within a village dedicated to beer and beyond.


Beer & Beyond



Beyond beer, Singha’s zero-sugar sparkling lemon soda has been sweeping through Thailand since it launched and landing in the drinks of those looking for something new. Sweet and sour in equal parts and perfectly fizzy, Ziggurat will welcome a bar serving lemon soda-inspired slings, shandies, and—of course—Singha beer.


Upbeat music to unwind to


Looking to turn up the volume on a fresh dance floor in The Fields, Bangkok Community Radio will be curating a specific music program for Ziggurat spanning groovy house, Balearic, breaks, world music, funk and deep house by over 20 artists such as Jonathan Kusuma, Acid Sister, NK Chan and Mae Happyair for a diverse regional showcase of both female and male artists.


From Waste to Wonder

Second life and circularity spirit the deco and design of Ziggurat this year. Singha’s own materiality is being weaved right into the build, while accents include hammocks, recycled woven mats and poufs made of jute. The initiative will also be a part of Wonderfruit’s Sustainability Showcase, which will explore the lifecycle of Singha’s products after their life in The Fields. Stay tuned for more around activations and engagements at Ziggurat, offering experiences fresh to The Fields this year.