Changes to Moobaan Wonder Due to COVID–19

21 December 2020 | Wonderfruit

Dear friends;


Moobaan Wonder is going to be taking a break, while the country comes to terms with the potential return of the virus that has disrupted everything we know this year.


Due to the recent increase in COVID–19 cases here in the country, we’ve made the decision to not proceed with Moobaan Wonder for the weekends of 25–27 Dec 2020, and 8–10 Jan 2021. We’re planning to still return later for our grand finale weekend, but we are monitoring the situation and will only go ahead if it’s safe and sensible to gather again.


Moobaan Wonder was conceived as a celebration of Thailand—its cultures, arts, music, food, tastes, talents, and unique identity. It seems fitting, then, that we take this new and unknown situation as a chance to pause and celebrate the resilience and determination of our friends and countrymen.


If you have a ticket to any of the remaining scheduled weekends at Moobaan Wonder, you can hold onto your ticket for our grand finale weekend. Your ticket will be valid for the final weekend, based on the ticket type you already have. We’ll announce the details soon, but we’re going to make it as exciting, magical, and filled with wonder as we can—within all necessary precautions.


We will also be offering refunds. If you have a ticket, and you don’t want to hold onto it for our finale, you can request a refund. If you have tickets to multiple weekends, or you hold a season pass, you can request a refund.


We hope to see you soon. Thank you for your support and understanding.



How to request a refund


Visit Ticketmelon, log in to your account, and go to “My Tickets”. At the ‘more’ button (the three vertical dots), you’ll find the refund option. Fill out your details, and Ticketmelon will begin the refund process.





Terms and conditions:


  • All Moobaan Wonder tickets purchased before 21 December 2020 will now be valid for entry to a finale event at a later date to be announced.
  • In order to retain Moobaan Wonder tickets for the future finale event, no action needs to be taken by the ticket holder. Tickets will be valid for a by default.
  • Refund requests for Moobaan Wonder tickets purchased for week three (Dec 25–27 2020) and week four (Jan 8–10 2021) will be available from 21 December 2020 to 8 January 2021. To process your refund, go here. Refunds will be processed by Ticketmelon up to 90 days following submissions closing (not including card issuer’s processing time).
  • To understand the refund process through Ticketmelon, visit their refund FAQ here. You must be signed into your Ticketmelon account to request a refund.
  • Refunds processed via Ticketmelon do not include processing fees and transaction charges.
  • Partial refunds can not be requested. Entire orders will be refunded.
  • Customers who opted to add RefundProtect insurance to their Ticketmelon order must refund requests by reaching out to the Ticketmelon Support Team directly at, citing a valid ticket code and email address.
  • All actions taken, and transactions completed, before 21 January 2021 will be final.