Take a walk through Wonderfruit 2023

15 June 2023 | Wonderfruit

We invite you to take a walk with us through Wonderfruit 2023 where you’ll find talks, screenings, rituals and performances that meander through art, technology, body and land.


Weaving in and out through a maze of colorful sticks, we first enter The Fields and feel a slight flutter as our hearts open to a new passage and our minds take in the land before us.


The mountains ahead gently hug the land, a green lusher than in memory. An amphitheater of earth awaits, like a collective sacred hide. Entering The Unconditional Space‘s hermetic shade, we celebrate the ecology of all beings.


Here, Grace Ndiritu‘s holistic practice transforms us into plants and Allora & Calzadilla‘s parrot speaks of silence. Marcos Lutyens lulls our minds to hypnotize our consciousness and Yuyan Wang‘s visuals spin us like the ocean. Tamara Colchester & Hermione Spriggs invite us to forage, Siôn Parkinson spells a Celtic incantation and Aurélien Froment shares the intelligence of a jellyfish.


The northeast region of Thailand, a barren land, gave birth to Molam music. With a distinct psychedelic tinge, its sound harnesses the power of ancient beliefs and regional mysticism. The Molam Bus now sits within the Molam Village, a spiritual home for food, workshops and rituals from Isaan, with music from Pimpa Pornsiri, Siam Bharat Electric and many more.


We gather every sunrise and sunset at Solar Stage, where an assembly of modular plywood parts is reborn and reimagined again by Gregg Fleishman’s free-thinking mind. Its optics take on a new form, and its surrounding village expanded, ready to cosmically embrace Wonderers at the beckoning of our brightest star.


Our journey takes us to Wonderness at its new home within a permanent structure made with Earth Rounds from the surrounding soil. The participatory program now extends out into schools and education.


Deeper into the land, the Ancestral Forest, now a year old, welcomes us to a Declaration of Plants. Hear and immerse in nature by tapping into the various languages of the botanical world with Terry Riley and MSCTY_Studio.


We revel in sounds from near and far, exploring music at the cusp of culture from live performers, DJs and sound installations.


Welcoming 25 Years Rush Hour, Alabaster dePlume, Alex Kassian, Brendan Eder Ensemble, Di Linh, Elaheh, EVENIF, Fantastic Man, Ffan, Helena Hauff, Monophonik, Patrick Watson, Pimpa Pornsiri, Powder, Rival Consoles, Siam Bharat Electric, Space Afrika (Live), Sweely (Live), Terry Riley, Tontrakul, Vân Anh and many, many more.


A newly formed collaboration with Slow gives birth to a new home for experiential wellness and lifestyle activities year-round. Opening in December, 40 permanent bungalows make up Slow Wonder and offer its guests direct access to a jungle beach club by Ab Rogers Design.

Across five days, we continue to navigate The Fields in a state of Wonder, where we condition the mind to accept and explore with love, kindness and curiosity.


This is just a teaser; there is so much more to come.


See you in The Fields