12–15 September: The final ticket sale

2 September 2022 | Wonderfruit

We’re changing the way we approach tickets. Read this if you missed our first ticket sale and need some background on why we’re selling tickets differently this year.


This is the final ticket sale

Our last ticket sale will only run for 72 hours. This will be your last chance to get a 4-Day Full Pass. The sale will begin on Monday 12 September at 7pm BKK (GMT+7) and run until Thursday, 15 September at 7pm BKK (GMT+7).


Not in Bangkok? Here’s the time elsewhere in the world.

Hong Kong & Singapore (GMT+8): Monday, 12 September at 8:00pm
London (GMT+1): Monday, 12 September at 1:00pm
Berlin (GMT+2): Monday, 12 September at 2:00pm
New York (GMT-4): Monday, 12 September at 8:00am
Los Angeles (GMT-7): Monday, 12 September at 5:00am


The price will go up every 24 hours

Tickets will start at THB 8,000. The price will increase by THB 1,000 every 24 hours, and we will stop selling tickets when the price reaches THB 10,000 72 hours later, or if we reach capacity. 


This will be your last chance to get a 4-Day Full Pass

We won’t sell 4-Day Full Passes again this year. However, we will sell Weekend passes (for THB 6,900), Teen passes and Sunday passes at a later date. If there are any tickets remaining after these sales, we will sell tickets at the door for THB 15,000. 


We’re very close to selling out Wonderfruit 2022

Attendance is capped this year, and following a stellar first round of ticket sales in July, we’re very close to reaching that capacity. The reason why we’re doing this is so we can present more focused programming and create extensions of these experiences beyond four days in The Fields. 


A reminder: No promo codes. No special discounts. 

Our priority is our community of supporters, and we want to ensure you get a ticket first. Don’t wait for the friend that you know to get you a ticket through the friend they know playing at Wonderfruit. We’re not doing freebies this year. If you want to come to Wonderfruit 2022, support us, and we’ll support you. We are working on an incredible list of experiences and more for our community, all coming to life in The Fields. 


We’re still selling tickets on Ticketmelon

Some things never change, and our relationship with Ticketmelon is one of them. To buy tickets to Wonderfruit 2022, keep an eye on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter on 12 September for the live link. We’ll also be sending a direct EDM to anyone on our mailing list as soon as the first 24-hour sprint starts. You can sign up for our mailing list here. 


Watch our channels closely

This year, we have a lot of special things planned intended for our immediate community of wonderers to take advantage of and will be announcing things across our social media platforms and mailing list exclusively. Not on our mailing list? You can subscribe here.