Explore The Sounds of Cities From Home

6 April 2020 | Wonderfruit

Travelling is one of those things we all wish we could do more of, now more than ever. New sights, interesting interactions, unfamiliar cultures, and fresh ideas on the world—there aren’t many drawbacks to taking yourself outside your home.


Well, there weren’t as many drawbacks before.


Although we can’t travel right now, we can have a chance to experience the sounds of other backyards thanks to Musicity Global.


The international project creating musical masterpieces from the sounds of the city is unlocking some of their location-specific tracks from projects and cities around the world. You might remember Musicity from our collaboration for Wonderfruit 2019, where Erased Tapes Records artists from around the world descended on Bangkok’s old town to capture the aural essence of iconic spaces.


The project has done the same in many cities of this locked down planet of ours, all of which you can now be transported to via the magic of recorded sound.


Hear the layered history of Bangkok’s Wat Arun through the ears of Hatis Noit, recorded for Wonderfruit 2019:



Ponder the future of Aldgate East and its many modernising architectural developments with British producer Bambooman:



Dive into the storied spaces of Beijing’s Baitasi Hutong Gallery with Abi Wade, recorded in 2018:



Feel the coastline through an atmospheric composition by Shen Piji for Shenzen’s Shekou Fishing Harbour:



Step inside London’s oldest parish church, St Bartholomew The Great, and sit in for a reimagined service by Kassia Flux:



There are plenty more, from the far corners, to explore. Musicity is adding more city projects each day, check their website for more and to continue listening to the world outside—from inside.