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No Single-use Cups at Wonderfruit

15 October 2019 | Wonderfruit

The most popular item that ends up in our waste each year is cups. Single-use cups. So our solution is simple: no single-use cups at Wonderfruit. This time, you’ll need to bring your own (or buy one from us).


Our pop-up city is a beautiful place, surrounded by a natural environment we wouldn’t trade for the world. For all the beauty and good feelings Wonderfruit creates, it also generates waste. Tons of waste. 33 tons last year alone. Much of that waste is packaging—the compostable and biodegradable plates, cutlery, and cups you wine and dine from. These materials are returned to nature, but that doesn’t solve the main problem; we still have too much waste. To address this, we need to all work together.



From this December, every Wonderer must bring their own cup. You’ll need to carry your cup with you for every drink: your morning coffee, breakfast smoothie, afternoon juice or evening libation. Bring your cup, keep it close at hand, and take it home when you’re done wondering.


This is a change, and we need everyone to understand what it means.




That’s the simple version. We’ve put a lot of thought into how this will work, and we are making the refill life as easy for you as possible. If you don’t have a reusable cup, you won’t be able to order a drink.




Any 16-ounce (pint) cup that is made for reuse is welcome at Wonderfruit: stainless steel, enamel, recycled plastic—there are some stylish options available out there. But please, no glass. If your cup is bigger than 16 ounces (473ml), bring it anyway. The vendors and bartenders will just leave a little room at the top. If you want to save 10% on alcoholic beverages (excluding beer, bottles, and buckets) throughout Wonderfruit, grab a Wondercup.





Meet our range of Wondercups. Each is a 16-ounce, refillable, portable, stylish vessel made from either stainless steel or rice husk, ready to slake your thirst in The Fields. Order your own Wondercup now, collect it at Wonderfruit, and rock a refill all weekend long. Prices start from 500 THB, or 600 THB at the gate. We’ll reward you with 10% off alcohol (excluding beer, bottles, and buckets) at all bars at Wonderfruit.



There will be wash stations throughout The Fields, and you can also refill with fresh water any time you need to hydrate along the way.




A single-use cup is a cup that you don’t care about. It is designed to be used for one drink, and then disposed of.


Here’s an easy test: does your cup flex when you squeeze it? If it flexes, It’s not made for refill, and it’s not made for Wonderfruit.


A refill cup:

  • Is made of sturdy stuff (but not glass or ceramic).
  • Doesn’t flex when squeezed.
  • Gets washed, not thrown away.
  • Is 16-ounce / 473ml / a pint.


Carry your cup everywhere you go, and together we can reduce tons of waste from Wonderfruit. We want to encourage everyone to rethink how waste is created, handled, and perceived in our world. It’s part of our thoughtful economy, replacing the disposable culture of convenience that has created the problems we all must solve.